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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

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Hello... I just installed links2 browser - that's the 'experimental' branch w/graphics support. You can use it with a framebuffer (outside X) or on a xterm. It seems to be faster than dillo, and supports frames.

Anyway, the mouse wheel works on the xterm, but does not on a 'true' console. This is true for any console -ncurses, whatever- app. I googled for it with no luck. I use firefox for day-to-day browsing, but an option would be nice... Scrolling in mc and such would also be great. Mouse wheel does send some event, but it seems like a keystroke to me, as my bash prompt starts filling with underscores when I scroll on it. Perhaps I could map the wheel in gpm to pageup and pagedown? or shift+pgup and shift+pgdown? I don't know where and how to edit that.

I did find somewhere something about editing gpm.conf and replacing the protocol, but there is no such file in my system and maybe the wheel already sending an event shows the protocol is not the problem? I was about to create one in /etc/, but then I thought perhaps I should ask someone who knows :)
I figured you would appreciate this.
MP3 folder --> Ogg Vorbis?
Is there someway I can take an entire folder (and all it's subfolder recursively, preferably) and convert every MP3 in it to an Ogg Vorbis file? Thanx!

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Penguicon 2.0
Has anyone been to Penguicon last time? thoughts?

Going this time?


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