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Monday, March 29th, 2004

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Mouse scroll wheel scrolling twice for each click
Does anyone know what could possibly cause Linux (Debian testing, Gnome w/ Metacity) to scroll twice for each click of the scroll wheel? It's not a big deal on web pages or the like, where I can simply set the scroll speed to 1/2 the desired speed, but in applications where one scroll click is supposed to be one item, it's a pain in the ass. I'm pretty sure the problem is in software.

The mouse is a Logictech optical USB, used with a USB > PS/2 converter.

Edit: mplayer (which will report individual mouse clicks to the console under certain circumstances) reports only a single click per movement of the mouse wheel. The double-click problem shows up most obviously in gqview and evolution, but also seems to be present in evolution and nautilus - so I would assume the problem has something to do with GTK or Gnome.
I'm trying to learn perl, and as a project I'm making myself a taskbar for my desktop.

Anyway I figured it'd be interesting to try and get the outside temperature on the taskbar, so I'm looking for something (a program, a site with a list of servers you can ssh to, something like that) that a perl script could understand that would get my local temperature.

I looked all over noaa's web site but didn't find anything. Anyone got any ideas?

Current Mood: motivated
...myself? I'm from Argentina and I've been using gnu/linux for some time now, though I'm still a -particularly blatant- newbie.
I use good old(?) red hat 9 and just love fluxbox. I have great fun with linux, and -as an eternal hobbyist- seem to be specially keen on messing with my system and tearing it down to small pieces in many trivial and stupid, yet fun, ways.

Useless post, I know. But oh well.

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