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Saturday, March 27th, 2004

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Gimp 2.0 Plugins
Hey Ive had gimp 2.0 installed on my system for a few days but there are some things im missing and have been since the beta came out. First is gimp-print. The second is scanning support directly into gimp(not with the xsane hack). Any way to get gimp to print and/or have something directly scanned into it?


My new venture: Freedom to Learn!
Free Computers for CT Students

I was looking for some computers and/or parts to gain better access to technology for my students, and the response has been so overwhelming, that I decided I could put a lot of computers together. So, like Free Geek, and others, I thought, why don't I start a non-profit organization to recycle old computer and rebuild them for deserving student who don't have one.
So, I'm collecting parts and putting them together, loading them up with Linux and giving them away!
I'm calling it School-Library.net's Freedom to Learn Project.
I've been playing with perl and shared memory modules. I installed Slackware 9.1 last weekend, upgraded to kernel 2.6.4 last week, and recompiled perl just in case that was part of the problem. (I now have 2 usable kernels and 2 usable perl installs.) When I try to use perl's Cache::FileCache module, I die when I try to set() with the error: Inappropriate ioctl for device.

I strace it, and the bad call is:
ioctl(3, SNDCTL_TMR_TIMEBASE, 0xbffff490) = -1 ENOTTY (Inappropriate ioctl for device)

I go grepping through headers and libs, and the only place I'm finding this SNDCRL_TMR_TIMEBASE is in soundcard/oss related files, and various ioctl32.c's that aren't i386 arch (what I'm using). At first I thought it was a perl problem, but I'm beginning to think there's something wrong with my kernel, instead. I have the same problem, though, on both the original and the new kernels, and both versions of perl.
Anyone have any ideas what I can try to resolve this? Thanks!
xmms and ID3 tags
XMMS isn't properly showing ID3 tags for me. It seems to recognize them somewhat, because it shows songs as $artist - $song (as I specified it should) instead of just a filename, but when I go to view the ID3 tags it doesn't see them. It just shows me the filename for the song name and no other ID3 info (and I know the ID3 tags are there).

Anyone have any ideas why? I'm using gentoo, although I don't think that matters cause I got the same problem compiling XMMS myself when I tried that.
FSF members meeting

Eben Moglen's talk and commentary alone made membership worthwhile. Best of all was an unplanned commentary he made on legal strategy and how FSF has worked to leverage their own unique position and corporate partners to make an effective approach to handling both SCO's suit and MS's support of same.

Honestly Stallman was pretty forgettable, his lecture was on why software patents are bad. Basicaly he made a case for how difficult patents are to use, however none of his examples was specific to software. He's against software patents, but advocates them for all other technology. He explains that software is different (yes this is what he's been saying about software generally since he gnu was founded).

Ohh yes and IBM is bad because they have software patents. According to Richard, yes it's nice that they're using these for leverage toward things that are good for 'us'.

I raised my feelings about the (lack of) quality in the gnu toolchain, what I and others find to be poor planning in feature changes and release / version coordination, Clearly all of the fsf directors (except Richard) got what I was saying, gnu has turned into something of a beast in the hands of some sometimes overzealous, feature happy programmers.

Now honestly these are not issues that FSF has a great deal of control on. But the question had come up about what is FSF's place in actual generation of software, and this has been rather a pet peeve of mine for awhile.

The answers were interesting. Stallman of course corrected me that gnu is the system not the toolchain <doh>.

Moglen caught the gist right off, however, Again I was impressed. He said yes packaging is a pain, but it's also a solved problem and 'distributions' as we know them will probably disappear in 2-3 years.

Stallman then went off on yes and if 'fsf' does a project to improve consistency and establishes a centralized packaging system then we (they?) get to dictate that it's all free and would only used to support an all free distribution.

Honestly this guy just doesn't give up. Half my point was about the fact that gnu software has rapidly become Linux-centric and highly non-portable.

Yes I care about licenses, but the reason I care is that good licenses enable good software. Beyond that I mostly care a helluva lot more about portability and sotware that works and is bug free than saving the world for purely GPL/fsf's idea of free.

Trust me BSD users care just as much about their definition of 'free'.

Ohh and this was a *great* way to spend a day. I heartily recommend everyone here go sign up for fsf membership, they do good work and they have some pretty tall orders on their plates these days, and they made it very clear that direct membership support is key to continued success of the fsf.


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