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Monday, March 22nd, 2004

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good linux apps to replace windows ones...
what are some good apps (one's that work really well, if not the same as the windows ones) for linux that i can use instead of the following:

adobe illustrator
adobe premiere / finalcutpro
macromedia dreamweaver
macromedia flash
sound forge

(there's a few more, but i can't think of them right this instant...)

i just got a new mac ibook, and i'm trying to get some hawt opensource software for it, and my linux box at home, instead of paying tons of money for apps that i can find for free...

thanks in advance,
ALSA/OSS mmap issues
Hi there. I tried to get Quake3 up and running on my new box and I ran into a slight snag. Collapse )
I've been using Fedora as a replacement desktop at work.

I completely removed windows, and have been interacting with all the various systems and servers from within Linux.

The only catch was to use Lotus Notes (windows) w/wine.

I have been on this platform now for 6 weeks.

It is very robust.
I've heard so many people mention this exact situation, that I thought I'd post the answer I found at : http://www.mini-itx.com/faq.asp#Linux0 here, as I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere, and so I can find and reference it easier.

3.2. What should I do if I have poor quality sound (pops, clicks and squeaks) - particularly when dragging or scrolling windows?

This is caused by X writing blindly to the video card's instruction queue without checking to see if the queue is full. This will lock the PCI bus for about 40 - 50 audio cycles, causing pops, clicks and squeaks. The via82cxxx_audio driver is still somewhat fragile, so it is possible that some applications will fault ungracefully if the bus is disrupted badly enough (e.g. with SDL applications).

You can make X play nicely with the PCI bus by adding
Option "PciRetry" "true"
to the "Device" stanza. Nasty pops and glitches will go away, and system stability will be much improved.
Has anyone here done a mobile system before? I am looking to build a *small* machine to mount in my truck. I already have a monitor that is molded in my visor. I am wanting to have the keyboard and mouse work via bluetooth. I am building this box in there so I can use it as a giant mp3 server, dvd player, easy wardriving box, mobile cd burning station... you know all the fun of a laptop but built into the truck.

I am needing a decently fast cpu and the smallest footprint of a motherboard I can find. I will only need a video card (if the motherboard has it built it it needs to work with linux and that will be fine) a sound card (same as video, if it works with linux that will be fine) and a wireless pci card. I am thinking I am going to be custom building the case and using a laptop hardrive. They go up to 80Gb now a days!
searching for ownership..
is there a find/locate/whatever command in bash to search for all files owned by a specific user?

So the Mandrake 10.0 features page says: "Unique features make unique products: The Mandrakelinux desktops are dynamic. This means, for instance, that when a new software package is installed or removed, the corresponding icon appears or disappears instantaneously in the application menu. This same "dynamic" feature also applies to hardware devices: Plug in a USB scanner or WebCam and a corresponding icon appears automatically on the desktop."

This is cool (as it's kinda silly that I currently have to restart my Gnome session if I want to see something in my menu - at least to most end users), but the second half about the USB really interests me as I've been pondering trying to tackle that problem myself. Does anybody know what software Mandrake uses to do this, and if it's available for other distros?
Wow. I just realized that KDE has a BSOD screensaver. That's pretty funny.

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