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Thursday, March 18th, 2004

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SuSE Linux 9.1 announced
Here's the link on Novell's site:


Nice. Although, isn't Mandrake the first commercial Linux release with 2.6?
APC battle
After a couple of hours of unsuccessful fucking with APC PowerChute software, I stopped relying on their documentation and hit up the web. Turns out, there's a cable incompatibility between Linux and APC. I'm guessing this can be fixed by some nasty configuration to one's serial port, but that's just annoying and as far as I can see, undocumented. APC, as it seems, will gladly send out a free cable replacement. I did, however, manage to snag something called SSD. Unlike PowerChute, it took about 18 seconds to install on my RH9 server and it has tested out quite nicely. Now... it's a very simple daemon. No GUI. No Email notification. No frills. It throws up a console message and shuts the computer down after a configurable period of time. If power is restored in the interim, it aborts the shutdown. If, like me, that's all you're looking for PowerChute to do, I highly recommend it.

Because I'm almost criminally curious, if somebody has a workaround to the cable issue with PowerChute, I'd be very interested in hearing it.

Current Mood: relieved

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