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Sunday, March 14th, 2004

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Has anyone ever got a Sony MD player working with Linux? I've done a few searches on Google for it but thought I'd ask here too?

I have a Sony NetMD MZ – NE410 MiniDisk Walkman.
Here's a chin scratcher...

I'm using dvgrab to capture video from my minidv camera.

It work great.

My question is, when specify to save a file that is on the local hard drive, it seems as thought the program buffers the file in RAM then tries to dump the contents after several seconds to the hard drive. This occasionally gives an error that there the program couldn't write to the disk fast enough, causing hickups in the video. If I specify a NFS drive on the LAN, the program writes constantly to the NFS drive, and I never get the same error, and the video is perfect.

I guess my question is, why/how does dvgrab know it's writing to an NFS drive, and why wouldn't it use the same strategy since it doesn't cause the same problems?

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