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Friday, March 12th, 2004

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I'm thinking of building a backup server using SATA drives instead of going the tape route. The idea is to do nightly network backups to a RAID5 setup and then once a week dump a tarball onto a single SATA drive mounted in a removable case that could then be yanked and taken off-site.

The question is about what SATA RAID controller to use. I don't have any experience with any of them and what info i'm finding is somewhat sparse and a little questionable. Does anyone have any experience in this dept? At the moment, the Highpoint RocketRAID 1640 is looking good to me, but again with the not sure what is good and what is not. Anyone used this card?

What I have found is a pretty large bias towards RedHat and Suse, neither of which i'm all that found of. I'm kinda on a Gentoo kick of late and would probably use that if I can swing it.

Thoughts? Comments? Tales of woe and dread?
Saving state to initrd ?
I'm running linux on my Sony laptop: http://www.red4est.com/vaiodiva

Booting it up, as with any system, takes a while, and of course the poweroff and reboot cycle completely "loses state".

Has anyone done anything to basically "save state" to an initrd, or equivalent file so that when you reboot, the system comes up in the same state as when you saved and powered down?
SATA RAID backup system followup
ok, guess i didn't explain myself well enough in my last post, so i thought i'd post again and outline the details a bit more of what i was thinking of doing, instead of replying to each post individually. thanks to everyone that weighed in!

1) on a small budget. by that i mean around or under $2000 including any and all media that might be necessary.

2) this is a small business. nightly off-site backups are not strictly necessary, though of course always best.

3) needs highest level of automation possible with minimal user interaction with backup system. cannot depend on someone to switch a tape every day. once a week is do-able.

4) need lots of space. more than typically offered by low end tape drives. estimating that in the next year to two years, one week of data will not exceed 80GIG compressed.

5) only need 30 days worth of protection. long term data archiving is not necessary.

ok, here's what i was thinking:

- 4 160GIG SATA drives in a RAID5. the OS would be on a mirrored set of smaller drives.

- 4 80GIG SATA drives in removable cases, not in any type of array, but mounted individually.

- every night it would do a backup of the network onto the RAID, compress, encrypt, keep a copy on the RAID and send one to an off-site location over the wire. i kinda have an advantage here cause i have access to an off-site location at 10/100 network speeds. the off-site location has enough space for one week of estimated data.

- once a week it would dump the past week worth of data onto one of the 4 removable drives, that drive would be yanked and taken to an off-site vault (not the same location as the off-site network) in a foam padded static resistant carrying case. the removable drives would go in sequence such that one drive would sit in the vault for 3 weeks before it was placed back in the rotation.

does anyone think i can/should do this? i'm aware of how fragile hard drives are, but am on a tight budget that is non-negotiable. is there a better way to spend my $2K?

i'm really interested in what other people would do with the same set of parameters, so any input is welcome. thanks again!
Lindows in trouble again...
x-posted from my personal journal and gentoo.

Lindows Concedes Name Game to Microsoft in Benelux

So, Lindows.com has had to withdraw its products from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg because Microsoft has one a court order that Lindows is a trademark infringment of its Windows brand name.

This bothers me in SO many ways. Are we going to have to start referring to X-Windows strictly by the name XFree, or whatever the name is of our actual X server? Am I mistaken, or hasn't X-Windows been around a LOT longer than MS Windows? And yet, how many people are TRULY unaware of the difference between X-Windows and MS Windows?

Are we going to have to stop referring to the windows in our houses as such, and start referring to them as "transparent wall decorations" instead?

Microsoft irritates me in SO many ways....

Current Mood: aggravated
1.) I need advice on PCI IDE RAID cards for a linux server.
What works well?
cheap is best of course. ^_^
*edit* ok, more precisely, I want a fully hardware RAID for the least cash outlay possible.

2.) For the RAID setup, I have two 80gb drives, planning on going RAID1 for redundancy.
Is there a good way in software to do backups? I don't need to have the full 80gb available, and it'd be nice to have a way to back it up nightly or something so I'd have at least a 1 day buffer to fall back on.
cron job and force write to another partition? is there a better way?

I'm totally new to RAID implementation, and i'm not a Linux guru by any stretch of the imagination.

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