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Thursday, March 11th, 2004

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Mounting a filesystem within a mounted filesystem

I have a very strange problem regarding mounting filesystems within mounted filesystems. It should be arch-neutral, but for reference I'm using Debian woody, kernel 2.4.18-powerpc, on an OldWorld PowerMac.

I'm trying to bootstrap a new Debian installation onto another hard drive within the machine; the boot floppy I installed Debian with supported only ext2, and I want reiserfs on my partitions. So I installed a minimal system onto sdb, the second hard drive, and planned to debootstrap onto sda, where I formatted the partitions with reiserfs. Everything went well, until I realized that debootstrap was writing everything to the / partition rather than the partitions for /usr, /boot, and /var.

Here's an example: I mount /dev/sda3 to /mnt/new-foomy/. Next, I create a boot directory there, and mount /dev/sda2 to /mnt/new-foomy/boot/. If I write files into that boot directory, and then unmount it, they remain--they were written to /dev/sda3, not /dev/sda2. I suppose I could do this manually, mounting the partitions in various places and copying files over, but this problem is too weird not to ask a question about. I tried chrooting into /mnt/new-foomy/ and then mounting the other partitions from there, but there is no change in behavior. What did I do wrong? There has to be a way to mount a filesystem in a filesystem properly, otherwise most people's traditional setups wouldn't work. Thoughts?

Question: Gnomish stuff
WTF is bonobo? I've looked all over the web and have not found anything that basically says "Bonobo does (blank)".

If I'm running a workstation (with Gnome) do I really need it?

Current Mood: curious
Not exactly a Linux question...
But is there a way to get XMMS to order songs in a playlist according to their 'track number' id3 attribute? I don't want to mess with .m3u playlists and it seems like this should be a fairly simple thing for the program to do. Thanks.

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