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Monday, March 8th, 2004

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The ethics of proprietary software
Hello all. I posted this a few days ago, and it's turned into a breeding ground for debate on Free vs. Proprietary software, with some interesting things being said about Apple. Feel free to join, heckle, etc.


Current Mood: thoughtful
Evolution "whitelist" filter
Over the weekend I found a "whitelist" filter for Evolution. I figured I'd share the link.

So, the other day, I was in Newton, MA, just coming out of Bertucci's for dinner. I walked past this very small fitness center (closed) and looked in one of the windows at a computer running in one of the office rooms, sitting there in the dark, monitor still on (and probably getting burn-in).

What was it running?


Viva la revolucion!!
Ripping CD's to MP3 in linux (preferably with GRIP)
i'm running mandrake linux ver. 9.2, gnome 2.4, and grip...

i've used grip to rip cd's for a while, and it works, but i can only write .ogg files with it, which is fine, except for most mp3 players won't use .ogg's, and neither will my new mac (itunes)...

so, i was wondering if there's a better program that i can use, or just a plugin/encoder for grip that i can easily install to rip cd's to mp3...

thanks in advance,
Hello. I'm having a bit of problems with Postfix. I recently installed Mandrake 9.0 on an old system that I had so that I could use it as a server. I have http and those services running fine, but I can't quite seem to get postfix running right. I am going through dyndns.org and have starlite.mine.nu through them.

I'm including some info so I'll use a cut tag:

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So, i know this is WAY off topic... but i didn't really know where else to ask. I've tried looking on the net, but each time it just yields a bunch of webpages writeen in chinese... anywho...

So the other day, my friend brings his t.v. and xbox over and wants to connect his to mine (yes i admit i own an xbox). So we hook everything up, and turn his t.v. on and cant get to the aux channel. He doesn't have a remote for this t.v. and all my programmable remotes for my t.v./vcr/reciever don't support the tv he has. So here is my question. Can my infrared port on my laptop be used to control a t.v.? If so, is there software written to be used for this specific problem?

Again i apologize for the off-topic-ness, and thanks for your help!
This isn't a linux-related problem, but I know a lot of the readers of the community are knowledgable about hardware... does anyone know if there's a good LJ community for PC hardware topics, so I could avoid offtopic stuff in linux in the future?
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hardware_issues community
Hey, all -- if anyone's interested, I just created a new community for talking about hardware issues, called hardware_issues. Feel free to join, membership is open.
HTML editor question
seven24.com offered to run their software on my site for free, and find all of my broken links.

Now, I need to go through and fix all of them. It occurs to me that it would be relatively trivial to write an html editor that checks the validity of all of the links in a file. Kind of like a spelling checker, but it makes sure that the links all go someplace.

Does anyone know of an editor (preferably under Linux or OSX) that already has this feature? I half expect that there is already some obscure emacs command to do this.

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