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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

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Quick question.
I'm bringing one of my older machines back to life to do number crunching after finding a 40mb drive. That's not a typo, it's really that old. Just looking for suggestions as to what I can fit on it. Even Zipslack is too large. I'd prefer a distro that has all necessary tools, with enough room to put SETI on it (not like that's terribly huge, but still).
hey all.
considering doing a Linux cert. LPI is what I'm currently looking at, more general than RHCE, and I just don't like Comptia much, so I'm ignoring their 'Linux+' cert.

anyone done one?
anyone have opinions on them?

Linux is going to be huge soon, I'm thinking it might be good to prove I know what I'm talking about, ya know?
MCSEs back in the day were in huge demand. I'm willing to bet a little elbow-grease that linux certs will be huge in a year or 3.

Please comment with any ideas, thoughts, experiences, etc on linux certs, I'm trying to wrap my brain around actually doing this and need all the input I can get.

Current Mood: awake
question for the working minions
I recently have been interviewing with companies around the Puget Sound and was asked a question that made me think of what others would answer. Feel free to chime in ...

The question is, "What was your most technically challenging task?"
go go corporate network.
pulling down 2 Fedora ISOs at once, 600KB/s each.

Current Mood: busy
what now?
In April I start school for Network Design and Administration. My Linux install is finally up and stable, am pretty comfortable with navigating and the like and feel like i have a decent handle on whats going on - or at least where to start looking for answers if I don't. Installing from stage one install and configuring the GUI has been a good way to exercise these newfound skillsets and get comfortable with things like config files, compiles, window and file managers, etc etc etc...

I guess my question is, what now? If I have to be honest the reason I got back into linux wasn't because of my dislike of windows or my desire to get into the open source religion... I got into it because it seems like a good OS and *NIX is a MAJOR force to be reckoned with in the server/network market as we all know. If i was going to get some formal schooling in network design and administration, it only made sense that I go ahead and start working with at least Linux at home so to have a heads up when I got there.

So, what now? What should I look into working on now that I'm here and more or less stable? As a future sysadmin about to enter school, what other skillsets should I be developing or at least what would be a good next step for me to take from here? I'd like to get my linux box up so my ibook and other windows boxen can see it on the network (via Finder/Explorer) and perhaps use it as a small sporadic file server. Would that be a good next step? Where should i start to look to learn how to do that?

I'm running almost bleeding edge Gentoo, current versions of almost every bloody thing compiled by hand (or at least by portage). - no precompiled binaries here with the exception of Opera, running 2.6(r3?) kernel...

Thanks for the input everyone...

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