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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

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AAC and Linux
I'm throwing together an old PC (PIII 850) tonite to act as a "media center" for my room. I have a SB Audigy, Creative 12x DVD-Rom, and a Creative dxr3 decoder card. Video is a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP (yeah, I know ;)). I'll likely be adding a TV tuner sometime soon, tonite if I hit Best Buy.

My question is.. unfortunately I encoded half of my CD collection with AAC in iTunes. For the sound and size, I really liked the 192k AAC over mp3, and I didn't want to go with OGG since I still have a couple macs I use (I have yet to find a audio player for Macs I like better than iTunes), I just went with that. Not thinking and all.

Is there any codec plugins for xmms or mpg123 that allow AAC playback? Or any OSS audio player, for that matter?

I'm looking at a Mac iBook, cause they're around $1000 and i love OS X... i want to put linux on it though, and use MOL (Mac on Linux) to run OS X... First of all, i'm not sure if macs come with the install cd for mac os, but i'm assuming they do...

also, the big question: has anyone done this before? how hard is it to set up linux on a mac, and is MOL decent?

i can configure stuff a little bit if there's a couple problems, but i'm not mr. uber smart computer god, so i might not be able to set it up if there's huge hardware incompatabilities with Mandrake 9.1... I'm guessing though, since macs use excellent hardware, that i probably won't run into anything too horrible.

Mandrake 9.1 for PPC

thanks in advance...
Portable Music
What portable music devices do people here use with Linux, or otherwise?

I'm currently an iPod user and happy with the device itself... but I'm a little perturbed by a device that is tied so closely with a particular software package (iTunes). Now, I like iTunes, and my main machine is currently a Mac, but should I decide to make a switch away from either package or platform for some reason I want my other hardware to let me do that. So I'm looking around at Linux-compatible devices, because I reckon if you can get it working on Linux you should be able to use it on any platform.
Request: Sequencer/Sampler for Linux
Anyone know of a good sequencer/sampler/audio package for Linux ala Fruity Loops or Reason? I found something called Freebirth which is a TB-303 emulator but I haven't had any luck finding a good multi-track step sequencer.

Thanks in advance!
Fedora or Stage 3 Gentoo for an Ex Windows User
As I have posted before I am bringing my gf over from the winshit world to linux. Currently we are just waiting for the new harddrive and memory to come in before we install. But there is one last decision I have to make, what distro. I personally use gentoo on my desktop and fedora on my laptop(id put gentoo on my laptop but I need it pretty much everyday :\).

Originally I was going to put fedora core 1 on but, that means to upgrade it I have to formate the drive and reinstall every 6months(last time I tried to upgrade redhat it fscked up). I really do not want to do that. Fedora Core 2 beta is out I was thinking of putting that on, but I want her to be introduced to a stable system. I was also wondering if id run into the same problems I had run into when upgrading redhat the last time(meaning would I still have to reinstall when the stable version came out) or if I could just do yum update.

Now that I have been thinking about this for awhile I was thinking why not do a gentoo stage 3 install. I really love gentoo everything works great and you dont run into the upgrade problem. Id do a stage three because her parents wouldnt be to happy about all the compile time. I would like to get it up to the 2.6.3 kernel(or 2.6.4 if its out by then) with the latest nvidia drivers, KDE/gnome, OpenOffice, FireFox, gaim, ET and anything else she would need to run a normal desktop. I want to start her out by getting her used to linux and using it in normal everyday use then going into deeper stuff explaining how everything works. Basicly im just conserned about how long this will take and if I will run into any config problems, I will have my laptop to look things up if something goes wrong. I am also worried about how easy she will find it I want her to be able to use it with out difficulty, shes dual booting with win 2k but I want her to see no reason to boot into win though going over isnt a problem hehehe.


Finally got the Xft patch for wily applied and managed to build it. Running the resulting executable caused an immediate floating point exception. After much time spent tracking it down with some of Jan Schmidt's help, the problem seems to be caused by XftTextExtent16 never returning the size of the font for any character. So, they're all zero - and a division by zero error occurs a short time later.
Anyone who knows about X, fonts and FreeType is welcome to enlighten me as to what's going on.

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