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Saturday, February 28th, 2004

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GNOME Freezes
Occasionally while I am in GNOME, my system will come to a complete halt. I cannot jump back out to a text console or anything and my mouse and keyboard do not seem to work. Is there any known bug that causes something like this, I do not believe these freezes are occuring when I'm doing anything consistent... Is there a log file I can check that can enlighten me more?
CUPS question..
Okay, I feel like a total n00b here. Please bear in mind that I'm a geek. I've not ever really had to use a printer on Linux/*nix, and when I have they have amazingly "just worked". I tried googling for my problem, and got nowhere.

edit: I am an ediot. Helps if I remember to install cups-client :P
blatantly stolen from telemann by way of chifurbuddy
I got this from chifurbuddy who got it from telemann, so if you saw it there first (or second), you saw it there first (or second). but, really, it was too funny not to pass on.

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telemann says, "First the background: with all the bad weather in the Carolinas this week, a TV station had a web page interface allowing companies, schools, churches, really ANY organization, to post a closing notification. This notification would get transfered to the TV station's broadcast crawl line at the bottom of the screen; and would run the length of the broadcast day.

Once word got out on the Internet, the fun really began. Apparently the station wasn't really checking out anything as it was registered; and no one was really paying attention to the crawl line either. LOL. This screenshot is just one of the more funnier closing notifications. You can read the entire thread at http://www.thewolfweb.com/message_topic.aspx?topic=180137&page=1 It's really funny reading this as it happened; and there are a lot more screenshots posted."
postfix, maildir,spamassassin,pop,tmda,procmail,courrier imap,squirrelmail - HELP

I would like to remotely access my linux email at home using the html squirrelmail along
with courrier Imap but at the same time be able read my mail using an Exchange client on Windows
using pop {at home}.

Current setup:

Currently running Postfix with procmail. Procmail passes the mail on to Spamassassin who
then passes it on to TMDA who then does local delivery. The current delivery is in /var/spool/mail/user.


1-tell TMDA to deliver mail to Maildir type format mail in /home/usr/Maildir.
2-install Courrier Imap and squirrelmail.
3-test squirrelmail using imap.


Is it possible to have a dual Maildir type setup using imap and html squirrelmail
at the same time be able to use pop to read the Maildir directories ?

-Of course if POP is invoked first the mail will no longer be there {in Maildir}
to be read by the imap/squirrelmail team.

-Squirrelmail will be accessed via the web when I'm out of town.

Design: {sort of}

Local Maildir/ type directory -----------------> POP----------->Windozzz$/Exchange client
Courrier Imap------>squirrelmail

Ok, so , maybe I can change Exchange for IMAP access later... but I prefer not at this point...

THKS, for any help on this.
RedHat 9.0 update problem
I configured my Internet connection on my RH box yesterday and am able to browse websites. However somehow I can't connect to the RH network to download and install updates.

I have 2 adapters: one is PPPoE and the other is my eth0. Though the latter is useless, for I'm not connected to a LAN (on bootup it fails to address an IP). I wonder if I can just delete it because I use that ethernet card to connect my box to my modem.

Anyways, I believe that it has something to do with SSL. I got an error message, but forgot to copy it. Do you need the error message, otherwise I'll just repeat the process and copy paste it to a text file.

Any suggestions?

Current Mood: busy
New Filesystem crypto for Linux
Andrew Morton announced that cryptoloop will no longer be supported for crypting linux filesystems. Instead dm_crypto will take care of that now as cryptoloop has security issues, according to Morton.
Disk duplication
This is more of an open-source question, not so much a linux one, but I thought you guys might know. My gf's dad is looking to duplicate a hard drive and asked me what he could use to do it. Of course norton ghost came to mind, but I was hoping to use this as as opportunity to expose him to open source software. Does anyone know of any FOSS disk/partition duplication software? He's probably running windows but if there's a boot floppy type tool that would be perfectly ok as well. Any ideas?
Does anyone know how I can create not just a 40GB windows partion, but a 40GB windows file system as well?

I need to send some one a lot of data and they don't use linux and I don't use windows... I was hoping to just create a massive windows partion on an old 40GB drive I've got lying around and ship it to them.
scsi cd burner problem
I added a SCSI controller and SCSI CD-RW drive to my DELL.

For some reason the new controller is showing up as scsi bus 2 instead of scsi bus 0. The OS seems to think I already have a scsi controller for scsi1 and scsi2:
[jackal@localhost jackal]$ dmesg |grep scsi
scsi0 : ata_piix
scsi1 : ata_piix
scsi2 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 6.2.36

So I modprobed the aic7xxx drive and I can see the drive.

This is where it gets odd, when I scsi_info the file device it says 0,6,0 but when I -scanbus it's 2,6,0:

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So which is it? 2,6,0 or 0,6,0 ?

And why am I on scsi2 if I don't have any other scsi controllers installed?
AOL on Linux
My gf is sick of win ME and wants me to put linux on it. Her only consern is that AOL wont work. She is getting DSL soon but untill it comes she needs AOL. Can I set her up to just dail into AOL using something like kpppd or the fedora network thing, I can dial into AT&T at my grandparents house with both of those. Would I have to run it through wine? If I do is there any config I have to do to make it work?


Woe that is Microsoft
I truly don't know why I have never posed this question here before now. Has any one here had success at getting Linux to communicate with Fox Pro? Yes, yes. I know VFP sucks, and given the choice I'd use MySQL, but I don't have a choice, at least not yet. Actually, I do use MySql for everything else, but the main application used by my company is written in and around VFP. Bastards. Anyway... the only solution I have thought of is to run a minimalistic installation of Apache on a Windows server, with a single script which acts as a pass-through. It would accept an SQL query from a script on the Linux server, send it to VFP, and transmit the results back to my original script. This last part, may have to be done through a temporary MySQL table. This, as I'm sure you understand, sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before. But I have found absolutely nothing on the web that would make the two talk. I've seen something that would work through an Access database, but it's extremely poorly documented and I've never even gotten it to work.

I should mention that my knowledge of databases is fairly limited, so if someone does have an answer or a suggestion, please don't credit me with too much knowledge and be fairly specific when it comes to implementation.

Current Mood: annoyed
DVD playback on Debian
Somehow, I got my copy of Debian (unstable) to play DVDs--but only as root. When I mount the disc as root (at the console, mount /dev/hdd), it shows up on the Nautilus desktop with the proper disc label (in this case, “CASABLANCA”) and plays just fine in Totem. (Even the menus work!) However, when I try to do the same as a normal user, the disc shows up as “CD-ROM” on the desktop, and Totem refuses to play the disc. I get two errors: “The movie ‘/dev/hdd’ could not be read” and “Totem could not play ‘dvd:/’. There is no plugin to handle this movie”. I suspect this has something to do with how I configured my DVD drive in /etc/fstab, but I’m not 100% sure.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Thanks in advance!

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