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Friday, February 27th, 2004

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kernel boot
how do i check which kernel my system boots? how do i change this (pick a kernel out of the already installed ones)?
HOWTO: Booting Linux from a USB drive (c) ...
I have received a few emerged questions concerning mounting usb flash drives with linux I've decided to expound on this matter as the idea of having a full-blown pc in a pocket is rather attractive. In fact this is a brief overview\howto of what to read to have the things up & running.
{yep, I'm too lazy to write the same in my own words & why the hell should I?!}

Current Mood: cynical
Gallery (OT?)
This might be OT, it's in regards to Gallery.

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I'm sure everyone is nearly sick of the SCO drama, as am I.

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I wish my HR department could use Linux...
... but there currently aren't any open source equivalents to something like PeopleSoft, or are there?...

I mean, we are running ADP's HR Perspective, which interfaces with ADP Payroll. I don't mean to short-shrift GnuCash, but I don't think it could do all of the things that we do with HR Perspective, and HR Perspective isn't even that advanced or complicated when compared to something like PeopleSoft. HR Perspective is built on Access for Chrissakes.

Is there any big HR / Payroll software that runs on Linux? Are any of them Open Source?

Current Mood: curious
It's interesting to note the amount of confusion SCO have managed to spread about what they're actually doing, as opposed to what they spout off in the media.

Right now, what they have actually done narrows down to the following:

One suit against IBM, alleging breach of contract by IBM submitting IBM owned code to Linux and copyright infringement for distributing AIX without a license.

That's it. Everything else they're spouting off about is nothing but hot air. They haven't sold a single "Linux license", sued a single Linux user, or proven a single instance of code or other "IP" belonging to them in Linux or any other open source or free/libre project.

That's right. Everyone being up in arms about the "IP problems with Linux" and instantiating policies forbidding the use of open source software "for legal reasons" are victims of FUD. There is no substance to any of the current scares causing extreme overreactions and official policies forcing contractors to sign draconian agreements forbidding them to use open source software tools in their work.

And of course, this was most likely the whole intended effect. To scare PHB's away from using the best and most cost effective tools for the job and instead make them pay through the nose for bug ridden crap a while longer.
gkrellm2 monitoring remote server?
Okay, so I've got gkrellm installed, and I use it to monitor my own home system. So, I saw that you could run multiple instances of it, so I installed the server daemon for it on my server in Iowa, and launched another instance of gkrellm2, this time pointed to the server to monitor the server.

WOW...my Ethernet PEGGED out on that! I'm talking close to 100% throughput on the eth0 monitor. Any ideas why that would happen?

Thanks in advance!

*EDIT* I should note that I turned the LED refresh rate on gkrellm2 down to the lowest it would go, and still eth0 was pegged out.
Script Wizard Help Requested
In a previous query, I asked for help on how to get a passel of files off of archive.org. I got some excellent help in regard to that, but now I have a bit of a problem.

Each of the files, in several layers of directories, has a <BASE URL= (the page's original, unarchived URL, on a site that no longer exists)> tag on it...which means that any link clicked on the page will not go to the file relative to it in the hierarchy, as it should, but will instead try to link to a website that no longer exists.

Each file also has several <script= >statements in it.

What I'd really appreciate if someone could do for me would be to write me a perl or shell script that I could run that would...

  • Remove everything from the start of <BASE to the next > after it
  • Remove everything from the start of <script to the next </script> after it. (Disregarding case, as there are some scripts and SCRIPTs in there.)

    ...in all .htm files in the hierarchy, however far down it goes.

    Can anyone out there come up with something like that?

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