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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

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holy crap - 64 bit laptop
Not linux specific but thought you'd all find the knowledge useful.


AFAIK this is the first 64bit "notebook" to hit the market and for 1500 bucks with inlcuded onboard 802.11G wireless, a dvd burner, 60 gig hdd, 512mb RAM, FastFirewire (aka firewire b) - man thats a good price!

I'm not impressed with the guy reviewing it but the article's interesting. His biggest complaint - besides the size of it - is the fact that windows hasn't released a 64bit OS for it.

Nimrod. Thats not the fault of the laptop.
Linux in a corporate environment
For those who don't know, I'm a net/sysadmin for a medium-sized company. I've been trying to move open source in as much as possible, thanks to bosses that are very receptive to it. Now, I may have my first chance to move the first of our users (besides me) to Linux on the desktop.

Collapse )

Thanks for reading in advance ;)
What. The. Shit. (redhat post)
Okay. So The Hat told us all that they weren't doing anything but enterprise anymore. That we had to buy RHEL WS, or one of the other offerings. Or we could limp by until our RHN subscriptions died. But they most assuredly weren't offering any consumer desktop distros anymore.

Then what the shit is this:


Garrgh. I rue them.

(and I'm very much enjoying the free copies of SuSE 9 Professional, and SuSE Linux Desktop - thanks Novell!)

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