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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

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transfering mysql
I had a hard drive crash, and it required me to get a new hard drive. I have a clean install of my OS (yay, larger partitions since I'm not so stupid about growth), and the other drive is set as a slave now (I can read it, the OS files just got corrupted from a bunch of bad restarts to the box which I still don't know the full cause of), so I can physically get to all the files.

What steps do I need to perform to move the mysql databases from the old drive to the new?

I'm using Mandrake 9.1, mysql's latest versions (just did MandrakeUpdate on it earlier, can't remember the version offhand), and I tend to use phpmyadmin to administrate over the command line controls (which are still pretty elusive to me except when a script comes with instructions on how to use it).

Is there any other info needed from my end before you can answer?

Linux Lack of Support for Core Hardware
Crossposted to my own journal:

The year is 2004 and it's still next to impossible to get X11 configured and running on popular modern Intel hardware.

I installed Windows XP and Fedora on my Dell Dimension Desktop. My Dell Dimension Desktop has a Intel 865G graphics card. The Intel graphics card was the number one selling graphics card for the year last year (like it or not). One would think there's linux support for it? Right? Wrong.

Nothing in the base install.

So I go to intel.com and they have drivers. But they are precompiled drivers for Redhat8.0 and Debian. Nothing for fedora.

So I modprobed around to get the i830 driver to load and the agpgart driver. But even "X -configure" failed.

Ugh! This gets old. Real old. I've been dealing with base Linux brokeness for way too long.

So everytime I read another one of those "This year is the year Linux breaks into the desktop space" I just ask myself, "What year is it again?"

Update: After doing more research on this I found you actually have to downgrade your BIOS to get to 1024x768. That just sucks.
Drawing Programs
I sometimes use Adobe Illustrator at work for making graphs, charts and sometimes small ilustrations. It's nothing too complex, genrally turning a spreadsheet into a graph and adding some text or diagrams.

What is the best Linux drawing program out there? I assume nothing would work as a drop in Illustrator replacement but I don't use 90% of the features in that program.
Fedora Core Test 2
Has anyone tried out Fedora Core II test? If so, is it anygood... or worth bothering with?

Or is it best to just wait till the final release is out?
Wine PS 7.0 ...
I'm trying to install Adobe Photoshop 7.0 in WINE. I start up the install and I get a message box which reads "This operating system is not supported by this application. For Windows NT 4, you must have service pack 6a or greater to install."

I was told that I can't actually install service packs in Linux like I would in Windows (fake Windows directories and all). How do I get around this?
Hey, I'm trying to install LWP via CPAN, and I continue getting the following error during "make test." Any ideas? I've googled it and found others with the same problem, but as of yet, no solution.

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i feel like such the ditzoid.....

Install of Mandrake 9.2 and it created a tonne of errors and as such i can't get it to do a fully completed install. SO, i could of sworn there was a reasonably painless method of removing some files from the boot sector whether it be from a LiLo diskette or what have you to then allow the winX boot files to be back in business......

it currently is a win2K/win98Lite that was to be a multi(tri) booter but now its a no booter ya dig?

so isn't there a way to remove the linux files and allow a windows startup till i can rerecord some ISO's to CD and reinstall a linux main O/S?????

Thanks in advance (from a lurker / listener)

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