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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

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Linux & Wireless
[crossposted to linuxsupport]

Does anyone have any info on which manufacturers offer good support for 802.11g products running under Linux?

I've been looking at D-Link, US Robotics, LinkSys, Belkin, Netgear, etc. and finding linux-specific info on them is fairly hard more often than not. I find that, further complicating the issue is that a lot of these 802.11x devices are capable of running in Linux only by wrapping a closed-source Windows driver with some kind of compatibility layer that, at the moment, I only understand poorly, but which for various reasons that have been explained to me by those more knowledgable, is a less than ideal solution.

So, does anyone know of any 802.11g hardware that has linux-native, open-source drivers?
I'm a Linux newbie and just installed Fedora on my PC. I'm pretty patient when it comes to learning the OS, but I have one pressing issue I'd really like to get figured out as it impacts my graphics workstation setup. I have my PowerMac and iBook audio running into my Creative Labs Audigy / Creative Labs 5.1 surround sound. As it stands, only the front 2 speakers of my surround sound are getting audio in Linux. Is surround sound supported in Linux and, if so, how do I get it running? Thanks and sorry for the stupid question...
free the sound card?
every once in a while, xmms just refuses to play because it's sure that my sound card has been taken over by another process. not sure where it gets this idea... i mean sure, sounds happen, but when I hit "play" the world is always silent.

Any way I can free up the sound card? Is there some command? I tried running top and looking for culprits but that didn't help.
this is getting really frustrating!
about every 7/10 times i boot my machine (mandrake 9.2/gnome2.4 - i won't get into the hardware) it starts the boot process and gets to the "checking for new hardware" line and goes into messages about 2 drives being removed/disabled for some reason... i think they were sb1 and sb0 or hc1, not sure, and of course i can't get it to do it intentionally so i can see... i usually just choose the "no, or cancel" option and it goes through with the rest of the boot process and seems to be fine... this is just really annoying and it doesn't seem right.

also, just about as often as problem #1, but not clearly related, when i boot the machine up, i get through the boot process and it starts up X, but sometimes it gets stuck... sitting on a screen with an hourglass cursor and never does anything... i've given it 10 minutes before and it still does nothing, so i just reboot the machine and most of the time it doesn't happen again... this is very annoying and very frustrating, and i don't know enough about linux to know what's going on...

please help!
Installing pms
I'm new to linux. I'm running Fedora 1.90 on kernel 2.6.1. Can someone please explain how to install rpms?
CUPS network funniness under Slackware
Hey all.

Just reformated my main PC and decided to try out Slackware. The install wet pretty well: had to fool around to get my network adapter up and running. I've got a problem setting up my printer via cups though.. I think I should set up inetd.conf to start up cupsd and allow connections to port 613.. But I'm not sure exactly what the line should look like.. Little help?
Linux For a Normal Windows User
I have recently started a busness where I go around and fix peoples computers. The other day I was fixing a computer for an elderly couple, there computer is a p3 850mhz 256RAM, intel integrated gfx card, running win ME. They basicly use there computer as a word processor, spreadsheet program and quickbooks(tax program). Win ME keeps breaking on them and they really want to get off of it but have a limited budget. They were trying to get a cheaper price for win 2k and office 2k(they only had word 2000 and exel 95) since they were teachers and they still know many teachers through the teacher discount thing, but it didnt work out. They left a message for me today to talk to them about Linux and OpenOffice, since I had showed it to them when I was fixing there win me machine. I think they could handle linux, I would put fedora on and teach them gnome/open office. My ownly real concern is quickbooks, does it run through wine/winex? What does everybody elses take on this?

what irc network/channel do you guys use for linux chat (where people actually talk)?


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