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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

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A few problems (Fedora / 2.4.22-1.2149.nptl core)
I've been logging my move to Fedora (from RedHat9) in this journal - ongoing problems are Public, and I change them to Friends-Only as they're resolved.

There are a few things I'm currently fighting with:
  1. p2p (file sharing) - what to use? (details)
  2. getting Flash working with Opera (details)
  3. APC UPS daemon (details)
    and most recently
  4. no sound - it detects the card, but I still get errors, e.g. "can't start sound i/o" (details)
Any help would be very welcome!
X-server down on RedHat 9.0!
The X-server went down on my redhat 9 today :(. The screen suddenly goes blank (I'm using runlevel 5), and the system tries to start X-window... looping in a way that I'm forced to restart the system!

Any ideas how to get out of it? ( here's the error I'm getting) tag them with replies. help appreciated ;)

Current Mood: anxious
a few things i haven't gotten to work lately...
first of all, i've been trying to install some apps and they always stop right after i've completed the "./configure" command and it finishes. drivel (an lj client) , and a few other apps including xmule just won't work. i'm installing them in root.

also, i've got a tv card (ati tv wonder ve, that it'd like to run in linux, it currently works on my windows xp partition, which i'd like to get rid of...

and, the last thing: cd-ripping. i've used grip in the past (under fedora core 1) and it's worked fine, but now, for some reason it won't recognize any cd that's in my drive.

i'm running mandrake 9.2, with gnome 2.4. my tv card, as i said above is an ati tv wonder ve (pci) card. my cd drives are a lite-on 48x24x48 cd-rw drive and an lg 16x dvd-rom drive.

i'm pretty new to linux and i'm just now learning to program... i had a little c++ in the past but that was back in highschool and we didn't do much.

thanks for any help you can give.

My TV in my room is finally going(its from the 70's) so im thinking of getting a TV tuner for my computer. I already have a nvidia fx 5900 ultra so I dont want a combo card. I want to be able to watch TV as well as use a remote, and if possible be able to control other apps such as xine with that remote. Im running gentoo latest, with the 2.6 kernel. What would be the best card for me? What would be the best program to use? Also we pay for HBO but it only comes on the TV in the living room with the box from the cable company, could I watch HBO in my room? Ive heard that the cable companies will fry your box/card if they detect your getting stations illegaly, is this true?


does anyone tried to setup snort with mysql running on redhat system?
if yes maybe someone have working spec file or rpm.
or ... help with compiling it ?
For the record,

Vi can kiss my ass.

that is all.

Current Mood: crappy

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