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Saturday, February 14th, 2004

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Dhcpd dynamic designation
Wondering how I would go about telling ifconfig in linux to connect to a dhcp server of my specification? I know this can be done with Kismet, or manually entered in a NAT environment: after Kismet detects various wireless ssids and their respective dhcp servers one clicks the server they wish to use. I want to write a script for this functionality via the command line, however I can't quite find the arguments to pass to ifconfig on specefication of servers. I've done this with the dhclient before via its dhclient.conf file, and in use via conjunction with the dhcpd daemon - However, I would like to avoid all that and do it directly with ifconfig arguments for my script. Restarting the daemon and editing the conf file each time is cumbersome, even if it is scripted.
Knoppix and sshd

How to turn on sshd on knoppix so i can ssh into it? /usr/sbin/sshd start doesn't appear to work and if I'm looking at my solution it in the documentation, I don't recognize it. I'm aware that normally it's started as an rc option. In this instance, it is not possible as Knoppix I'm booted into Knoppix at the moment and is in the middle of a pretty decent compile (using distcc) I'd rather not interrupt.

What I want to do is SSH into the box and keep an eye on the process manager, via Top.

x11amp question
I'm currently using asamp v .01, a Wharf dockable wrap-around x11amp (don't know the version) to play MP3s. LJ's LogJam, by default detects currently playing music from XMMS and has the option for a command to detect music from another source. Does anyone know how (or if) I can get the current song playing out of x11amp via CLI?

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