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Friday, February 13th, 2004

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I know it was previously mentioned, but...
Windows 2k source code leaked February 12, 2004: On Thursday, February 12 (yesterday), the source code of Windows 2000 (along with Windows NT) became available for download online by third party sites. The download ranges from 203mb to 615mb, compared to the full source code size of 40gb. However, Microsoft's noting of this is merely an attempt to downplay how much of the code is actually available. The full 40gb of code includes the code of all Windows-compatible programs, along with millions of lines of comments and other erroneous material not having a direct effect on the code. This was cut out, and it is believed by people in the open-source community that a majority, if not entirety, of the code (kernel) is available for download. Note: If you don't know much about source code or programming or Windows, etc., know that the availability of Microsoft's Windows source code is a big deal. Already being an insecure and vulnerable OS, Microsoft has always claimed security through obscurity by keeping their source code private and copyright protected. There have been instances when parts of the source code have been obtained, but never the full code including the kernel. Because of this, there is much speculation as to what the consequences may be, and also regarding how this came about. Due to certain text in the source, it is believed that a programmer at mainsoft used a program called VI IMproved 5.6, which is used to edit programs, to make the code available. Mainsoft was granted access to the strongly hidden source code in March of 2000, in order to create a Windows platform for programmers to use on Unix systems. However, there is also the 'conspiracy' speculation going about that Microsoft may have helped leak this code in order to profit from the DTS patch and their new OS being released next year. Regardless, many of us are holding our breath until we see the full consequences of its widespread availability. There is a potential threat of hackers world-wide finding holes and back doors and utilizing them before Microsoft has any opportunity to patch them. If this were to happen, the consequences could be cataclysmic due to the global use of Windows OS 2k and up (which are based on the 2k kernel).

There are torrent links showing up and disappearing spontaneously all over the net. If you're curious and/or want some bragging rights, go to the following link and start downloading. However, take note that having the raw source code in your possession is (I believe) illegal - or at least uploading it is. If you're a programmer, you'll obviously be interested as well. However, if you are a programmer, know that if it's ever discovered you viewed the Windows source code and are working on developing anything outside of Microsoft, you'll find yourself unemployed in a heartbeat. With that said, enjoy:


Discuss here
Allright, odd question. Please bear with me.

I want to develop a all-in-one staff intranet for my company. Prior to this point, 10:00am on Friday the 13th (!!), I have been developing apps for our internal uses and linking to them on a static HTML page. It's becoming more and more clear that we could benefit from some sort of news and content system. Something like xoops.

What ideally I'd like to find is a piece of GPL'd PHP and MySQL based software that will allow me to have a news site, contact database for my sales staff to store their customer contacts in, staff intra-network messaging, and obviously a download section for our internal programs.

I, however, have been spending too much time as of late developing or working on software only to find it's not what will work for us. So I really can't spend another month working on something only to find it's limited. That's what I'm running into with my current development platform, using some third-party software along with IBM's WebSphere to deliver java servlets driven by out DB2 database on our big-ass IBM iSeries.

I would much, much rather do this all using GPL software that I can contribute back to, and is community supported.

Any ideas?
gtk help
I'm starting to learn how to use GTK within my C programming, and I been doing everything right since, but when I tried to compile a program, I get this error from the compiler saying this:

gcc: pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0: file or directory doesn't exist

the command I use to compile is:
gcc -o base base.c 'pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0'

when I run the command pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0, it seems to work well alone, in the console. and it's not a problem with the gtk+-2.0.pc file, I'm sure of it, cause I've compiled several programs before like GAIM, and logjam that use gtk+-2.0 to link to the proper gtk files. any suggesstions?
I don't suppose anyone knows how to get windowmaker to autoload dock apps on start?
Hello. Sorry for the weird question. But I'm trying to get my webcam up to broadcast. I have some software that will do a live broadcast on a certain port.

The catch is that I'm running the cam on a windows box behind my linux server, which is why I'm posting this here. I was wondering if there was a way so that when someoe goes to my webpage they can see the broadcast. As in the streaming gong on port 8080 from my windows server to go through the linux server to the outside world.

My windows box has the usual 192 address as I'm having it routed from my linux server. I've been searching the internet for hours trying to find a solution, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, so finding a man page is proving quite difficult.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Linux server is mandrake9
Ext3 to XFS
I'm considering switching from Ext3 to XFS, the supposed king-mamma-jamma of journaled filesystems. Why? Just 'cause I wanna. I read that the write speeds are slower but drive seeking is notably faster, which should translate into snappier system performance IMHYIO.

So, the only stuff I've managed to find is outdated and read like data loss is to be expected from the conversion, and I'm not finding much info on SGI's site. It _is_ possible I'm looking in the wrong place though.

Has anyone successfully migrated to XFS from Ext3? Did it involve a lot of convoluted backups and moving data around all over your disks? Do we really need more than one version of coke&tm; I have good backups but I don't really wanna reload 15 CD's worth of stuff back onto my harddrive.

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