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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004

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Tongue in cheek... sorta...
(00:07:58) devpreed: I'm trying to sell an old consulting boss of mine on gentoo.
(00:09:48) ironwrought: I mentioned to the man called "The best Linux admin in NY State" that Gentoo's getting quite a lot of negative buzz lately (a la the Gaim request). He emphatically said "Gentoo is immature still, but a fine distro and more people need to understand that."
(00:10:32) devpreed: the Gaim request?
(00:10:39) devpreed: I didn't hear about this
(00:10:51) ironwrought: "Please preface Gaim messages from Gentoo users so I know they're idiots."
(00:11:06) devpreed: oh
(00:11:06) devpreed: that
(00:11:07) devpreed: yeah
(00:11:08) devpreed: whatever
(00:12:38) devpreed: Like Mandrake users aren't total n00bs, RedHat users aren't ex-MCSE's trying to keep their jobs, Debian users aren't RMS-wannabes, and SuSE users aren't bitter they aren't RedHat.

/me hunkers down in his asbestos bunker.
Old, but not forgotten, distributions
What do you all do with your old Linux discs when new versions come out?

I was going through some old CDs, and I've got Infomagic Linux sets that I actually paid decent money for going back to 1996 and 1997, and such things like that. I hate to just pitch them, but at the same time I must admit I see no real value to anyone in them either.

Anybody got any thoughts on this?

Current Mood: curious
Slow FTP Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
(C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.

ftp> open
Connected to
220 (vsFTPd 1.1.3)
User (smarterjournal.com:(none)): username
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful. Have fun.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.

The above is where the FTP process comes to a complete slow down.

I'm running an FTP server off my RedHat Linux 9 box (its the default FTP program that came with RedHat 9). When I am connecting over my home network, I get a directory listing instantaneously, however, when I am connecting over my schools T1 line, it takes nearly a full minute to get a directory listing. My DSL line is ~1290Kbps down and ~219Kbps (those are actual recorded values). Is this normal for this to be taking so long? Or is my line just too slow to run an adaquate FTP server.

Both the directory listing and when I'm using the Windows Explorer (built-in) FTP client, it takes nearly a full minute to "Calculate to time required to upload files." As well.

Thanx in Advance.
Nested X
What exactly is the function of a nested X server?
yoohoo, suse users!
Suse users, espcially former RH users who are now suse users (or folks who use both), tell me about Suse Linux.
I'm an English teacher, keep in mind, and NOT an expert on computers, operating systems or software development.
I've been using either Red Hat or the RH based K12ltsp product at home for about 2 years now. I am trying to build a writing lab for my students and Suse is sending me some Suse 8.2 Professional box sets for Free. I suspect that most of the differences will be cosmetic, (green geecko instead of red hat, etc.) but what else can I expect?
How does Suse handle package mgmt/updates, etc.? That would be my biggest concern.
Am I correct to assume that Suse has a decent graphical install that will detect my hardware (unlike, say, Debian)?
Any other tips or pointers for a RH guy moving to Suse (at least at school, I'll likely stick to my RH/Fedora at home.)?
Other distros I have toyed with include Corel, Lycoris and Blue Linux. Tried to install Debian a couple of times, but could never once get an Xserver to run on either machine here at home, even after editing the XF86configs to match what RH had automagically arrived at for the same hardware. (See? I'm like a 17 year old kid who thinks he can drive after a year's experience on Sundays in the driveway.)
I just found this. If you're still following the SCO vs IBM saga, this makes for interesting reading. It's in PDF format and some 46 pages long. I found the link at groklaw

The transcripts from Friday's hearing between SCO and IBM.

Current Mood: amused
Odd problem...
Okay, so this one has me stumped.

I recently did a recompile of my Linux 2.4 kernel to install ALSA. Did all the updates to grub.conf, yadda yadda yadda, then rebooted and selected the new kernel.

Nothing. Just the CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK keys flashing slowly, about once a second or so.

Any ideas what this means?

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