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Saturday, February 7th, 2004

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Importing Netscape 4.x mail... A little OT.. Sorry....
Hey guys,

I'm setting up a new computer for my folks at home: on their old box they ran netscape communicator for a mail client. I managed to copy their address book over, but I can't figure out how to copy over their old emails to the new machine. They're going to be using either Mozilla or Outlook for their new email client, and the import/export capabilities on both are..... Lacking.. :)

Any suggestions? This should be easy! :)
Extended ASCII
Does Red Hat 9 have the capability to access the extended ASCII character set (letters with accent marks, tildes, umlauts, etc.) using hotkeys?

If so, I haven't been able to find it, and calling up Character Map every time is getting old. :P
music for the rank amateur with a computer and an urge
I've redeveloped the urge to make music. I'm interested, for the moment, in getting my hands on some tracking and mixing software (free, of course), and similar music-production software, to play around with and learn with at the moment. Mostly, I'm looking to get stuff for the Linux platform (open source, et cetera). If anyone has any suggestions, both in terms of software that works well and in terms of methodology, technique, and tricks for learning, I'm definitely looking to learn.

I took a class in beginning music theory at one point, a couple/few years ago, learned a little piano and electric bass at some point, and have a pleasant if undisciplined and untrained singing voice. I know that voice coaches can run someone into the ground financially, and I don't even have the money to spare for a book at the moment, but ultimately I'd like to be a vocalist, among other things, and whether I do it myself or get someone else to contribute it for me, I really would like to work with some electric bass. At the moment I'm just looking into playing around with stuff and learning at my own pace, though. I'm not setting out to be the Next Big Thing, by any stretch, and may not get around to finishing a single worthy piece any time in the near future. I'm just, as I indicated above, mildly obsessed with music. I'm like a huge, capable brain with no developed talent, just waiting to learn.

I welcome any suggestions, offers of help, advice, compatriots in my search for musical expression, and so on. I'm not looking for a serious commitment of scheduled time or any other pressures. Feel free to just ramble on at length on your thoughts about music, if you so desire. In particular, advice on any of the above, with specific attention to music production software on Linux, would be greatly appreciated.

cross-posting to tampa and apotheon for the moment

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