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Friday, February 6th, 2004

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USB port replicator
I have a nice wacom tablet, but it uses a serial port and my powerbook doesn't have one. Anyone have any advice on which port replicators work with linux, or which don't, etc?
Google isnt really helping...
I'm trying to view a movie (.mov) with xine, but it says that MPEG-4 ACC is unsupported, so i cant get sound. any ideas what will help? i cant find a codec anywhere.
What's a bored admin to do?
I've been busting my rear to bring Linux into a major telecommunications company lately, and things are progressing very very nicely.

We're bringing in Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1 and 3. I work on it all day, every day. Dream job, right? Work on Linux all day? Well, yeah, it is in a lot of ways. But.........

I don't want to work on a Red Hat (or Fedora) system here at home. I'm just downright bored with it. Although there's a LOT more I COULD learn about RHEL, that's going to happen anyway. Now I'm looking for something fun that I can use to separate my work day from my hacking at night.

Things I don't want:

Gentoo - I've tried it. I don't want to wait for it. I know, I know. I have an Athlon 2800+ (Barton 2500+ with a little extra juice), a gig of ram, etc... and I know it will compile stuff in a "reasonable amount of time, but keep in mind, I may only have a few hours to sit with it at a time. Did I mention I'm a full time sysadmin who gets to be on call, I have a wife, and an 8 year old son? You get the picture.

Dependency hell - If the default packaging scheme can't handle solving and acquiring dependencies, I'm not really interested. Apt-get, yum, whatever....all sound good.

Things I DO want:

Good package management.
Support for my Philips Accoustic Edge soundcard (yeah, right! I don't think this one's going to happen)
Must have journaling file system.
A fresh, non "corporate" feel.

I know some of these things seem silly, but I'm looking for the fun again. I do the "work" every day.

So basically, what's your suggestion for someone with a LOT (10+ years) Linux experience for a distro that's not a hand-holder, but not a roll your own soution?

Thanks ladies and fellas!
linux vs solaris web serving
we've got some sun 220s we bought a few years ago and recently got in a dual processor hp 1U server to evaluate a transition from solaris to linux and sun to hp hardware. i know there are a ton of factors that go into this but we are seeing the hp/linux machine handling only about 1/3 the connections that the other machine handle. the load balancer says it's passing the same number of connections off to each machine my sysadmin tells me but when he goes to look at the boxes the linux box seems to show it's handling much less then the load balancer says it's handing off. part of my role is evalating web logs and i see the linux box serving up less then half as much data as the other servers. the load on the linux machine is normally about .2 while on the solaris boxes it hangs constantly around 1.0

any suggestions on where to look to find what the bottleneck is for the linux box or is this something that should be expected?
I've decided not to take personally the fact that my naivete and inexperience is pissing off the support staff at my webhosting company and concentrate on getting beyond it. Any more developed geeks have pointers for me? I've already picked up that I need to be careful to give them necessary details like my login name and what server I'm on and not to put multiple issues on one support ticket.

I realize this isn't a linux specific question, but I figured this was a good forum to find an knowlegeble crowd.
Running an interesting experiment
I have a 75mhz compaq sittin on my desk here acting as my firewall/gateway for my 1.5 mbit dsl (running clarkconnect). For such a slow machine it's doing a very nice job, so I decided to see how far I can stretch it. I'm currently installing clark's apache module and mail server modules, and I'm considering putting a php based internet game on there, if I can manage it.

I guess my point is, what are the bets on when this machine will buckle? Mail? Web? Think it'll handle both, just REAAALLY slow? This is my first attempt at something like this so I honestly have no idea. Should be fun to find out though.

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