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Saturday, January 31st, 2004

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Really Crappy Laptop Question
I've decided I need a laptop. But I don't really have any money for one right now. So, of course, I'm going to do it anyway, but the key word is Budget.

I don't have much in store for this -performance wise- I just want to get an ethernet card on it, linux installed (probably Debian), at which point it'd be used for web browsing, email & creating documents (openoffice) and not much more.

From poking around ebay/half/froogle/etc I've found that I probably could pull off a useable used/refurbished/off-lease laptop for < $300. That's just about right.

But, because I have basically no laptop knowledge, the question is, what sort of hardware or manufacturers do I need to watch out for?
Windows -> Linux Software Equivalents
I thought I'd share this for those that are new to Linux or that are thinking of making The Switch™.

This guide (almost guaranteed to have never been seen by people falling into the two categories above) details a whole bunch of types of software, then lists what Windows applications you'd normally use for that purpose, and in the rightmost column is a list of equivalent software to do the same job in Linux. (there's a separate category with non-software differences, as well)

The page is in German but it's pretty self-explanatory, and the rest is in English, for our non-german-speaking up-and-coming Linux superusers. : D


The Table of Equivalents / Replacements / Analogs of Windows Software in Linux

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stupid onboard sound
here's a good one...
i'm running mandrake 9.2 / gnome. i have 2 sound cards: an onboard C-Media card (which i don't want to use), and a pci Creative SoundBlaster Audigy card (which i do want to use).

i'm not getting any sound out of the audigy... how do i disable the C-Media card and/or enable the audigy so it works?!?!

oh man...

thanks in advance...

I always thought monitoring a server remotley via Xload looked really hardcore, and was semi-useful. So, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a FAQ I could find to setup an Xload session to monitor my server (binaryoverlord.com) remotley? I know that the Xload client relies on a connection to kmem, however, I know there is a way to transfer the kmem information remotley. Anyone who monitors their remote server's via Xload that could clue me in? Thanks.

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