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Friday, January 30th, 2004

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Hard Lock-ups with 2.6.1 Kernel
So I've managed to install a purely 2.6-based kernel on my computer after about a week of fighting with rsync and DNS. During the install, there were no problems with emerge-ing or fetching. Now that my system is running off of the gentoo-dev 2.6.1 kernel, the system will go into a hard lock about four minutes into compiling a large package (it has done this for both Xfree86 and glib). By hard lock, I mean that keyboard input is no longer accepted by the box - num-lock does nothing, ctrl-alt-del doesn't do anything either. I'm absolutely stumped.

For those of you who have made the switch to 2.6 - are there specific modules/options I'm probably missing from my configuration? Or would you be more inclined to think this is likely a hardware problem? (The computer is an Athlon 1.3GHz, t-bird class, running on an Asus A7A266 mobo)

For the record, I've got the standard 2.6.1 modules required for a portage-based system installed (as mentioned in the install guide - devfs and the like).

Thank you for your time. (cross-posted to gentoo)
I'm trying to port a multithreaded app of mine to Linux, and I'm having major problems with pthreads. (Un?)fortunately, they are very fundamental problems. Basically, calling pthread_create causes a SIGSEGV every single time. it's usually a couple functions deep on the stack inside the call to pthread_create, like pthread_getconcurrency (usually) or pthread_yield (less often).

i'm compiling all my objects with:

g++ -g -pthread -Wall -D_THREAD_SAFE -D_REENTRANT -c foo.cpp

and linking everything with

g++ -pthread -lrt -lz -luuid foo.o -o output.a

is there anything else i need to do?? i'm starting to pull my hair out a little bit, i'm sure i'm missing some flag or something that i'm supposed to specify. i'm using whatever comes with mandrake 9.2, i just pulled it down off the net a week ago or so.
problems connecting online
I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and i have a Network Everywhere NC100U. Mandrake recognizes the ethernet card, but i'm not connecting online. I'm using Cable, and my modem is online (yes, it's connected correctly), if anyone can help me out with this i would appreciate it muchly.

I have been using fluxbox on my desktop for a pretty long time but there are two things that have bothered me. The first is I like the way konsole looks on my laptop. To make aterm/xterm look like that would I just copy over .bashrc? Does anyone have any good looking aterm skins I should look at? The other thing is that when I copy stuff from window to window if I highlight something in the process it copies that to. Means if my friend gives me a link(www.sf.net) in gaim and I highlight it and hit ctrl+c then go into mozilla and highlight the current URL(www.freshmeat.net) then hit ctrl+v www.freshmeat.net will show up. How can I have it so copy only happens with I hit ctrl+c?


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