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Thursday, January 29th, 2004

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New Google Hack...
Goto google type in "bastards" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" its pretty funny.
Born again
Hey guys, i'm just stuck with a problem. How can I using bash2 as my command interpreter match any filename _not_ starting with _sequence_ of symbols? For example "[!d]*" match any filename not starting with "d" (not "d*"). "[!di]*" (or "[!d!i]*" or "[!'di']*" or "[!"di"]*" or with "^" instead of "!" ) matching any filename not starting with "d" or "i". "[!d][!i]*" matching any filename not starting with "d" or filename not with second "i" (not "?i*"). May be it's time to look towards [zk]sh or else, if so i'd like to see solution to with problem with new shell. Any help will be you know what.
remote X
Ok first off I am fairly new to linux. What i want to do is use some sort of port to windows (i.e. Cygwin) to ssh into a remote machine and then launch remote apps. I am using RH9 (It is the only supported version of linux for what i work with) and the gnome environment. On my local Lan at work i can use gdm and partially get ssh to open X apps. across the internet to my home webserver i can ssh in no problem and get some simple apps to display (i.e emacs) but nothing else. I believe I am missing something security wise. is this even possible? Any suggestions?

Current Mood: busy
Shell scripting help?
Hello fellow tuxers,

I have a simple question that I can't seem to solve...

How can I write a shell script that connects to a remote FTP server, changes to a certain directory inside it, then downloads the most recent file in that directory?

I know that once connected you can do 'ls -t' and the most recent file will be at the top, but couldn't link the whole thing together..

Any help gratefully received :)
Persistent X Freezing (NVidia Geforce Ti 4200)
I'm at the limits of my frustration. I built a fairly high-powered system about 10 months ago (about tax return time, if you think about it...), including a 2.4GHz P4 and a PNY-branded NVidia GeForce Ti 4200 video card with 128M video memory.

First frustration: I've never been able to function with the nvidia driver. If I start X with that driver, it does run noticably faster and crisper than the nv driver. Right up until it locks, which is usually 5-10 minutes, sometimes as soon as 30 seconds. I've faithfully downloaded every NVidia Linux update from freshmeat, none have helped. When it locks, it is only the X server process that locks. I can ssh in from another machine on my home network, kill X, and regain control of my machine. This isn't a problem using the nv driver.

Second frustration: Now the nv driver is locking up on me, too. At one point, I'd had 3 lock-ups inside of 15 minutes.

Third, side frustration: I know the card has 128M. But the BIOS insists that it has 64M at boot-up. I had edited the XF86Config to specify 128M, but I even tried switching it back to 64, thinking that maybe I got a 64M card by mistake, and the problems stemmed from attempts to address non-existent memory. Hey, it might have explained why the super-tuned nvidia driver always hung, but the nv one only started to recently. No dice, no difference in behavior.

So, is this something I may have mis-configured (I've done next to no customization of the card settings, accepting what the X setup utility chose when installing Red Hat)? Is this a sign of a faulty card? Are there MoBo/video issues I should be aware of?

Right now, I'm expecting to buy a new card this weekend.
Failure in RH 7.3 installation.
If anyone'll know, someone in here will.

So I'm installing graphical Linux 7.3 on my machine.  Dual-boot; primary is WinXP.  All is going well.  There are 1315 MB to install, but at 978 MB completed, I get the following error:

"There was an error installing [package]. This can indicate media failure, lack of disk space, and/or hardware problems. This is a fatal error and your install will be aborted. Please verify your media and try your install again.
Press the OK button to reboot your system."

This happens regardless of package.  What could I be doing wrong?
does anyone know how to change monitor frequency rates in Mandrake 9.2? i used to run fedora, but i'm pretty much sick of it, and redhat for that matter, but there was a config utility in fedora that i could change the freq. with... i'm running Mandrake 9.2, like i said, and gnome. my monitor's an NEC lcd, so it's probably set to 75Hz... 60Hz is a lot better because at 75 it flickers... i noticed this in fedora and changed it to 60 and it was perfect... no luck here however.

thank you in advance...

SuSE 9 instant review
I like it. I like it ALOT. That's the quick summary.

Now on for my long-winded version.

First off, YaST has come a long way, baby. No, seriously, YaST is a great installer. It took some getting used to after being accustomed to Anaconda and the OpenBSD installer for so long, but I have taken a liking to it.

The one thing that threw me is that it defaulted to reiserfs. It's been a long long long time since I've used reiser, so I thought "why not" and gave it a shot. So far, so really good. Disk performance is astounding.

Second, it automounts Windows NTFS partitions. I don't know how many times I struggled with Redhat to get it to mount a Windows partition. SuSE does it without me having to spend (waste) time on it. It's infinitely valuable to me, since on both my home and work desktop I primarily use OpenOffice. You don't know how much time this has saved me.

Oh, and having my mp3's right ther is nice too ;)

I also love it for more geeky reasons. First off, THANK YOU SUSE FOR INCLUDING WTERM. I haven't been able to get it to compile with redhat since RH 6.2. I had been using rxvt, but this is like having an old friend back. Speaking of wmaker, they not only include it, but lots of themes and dockapps. I was giggling with glee.

Performance is also wonderful. The included version of Apache Tomcat runs multithreaded, and is a great performer. The included libs are great.

And YOU, it's a great little app. Took a couple seconds to get used to, but I like it mucho.

Only downside for me is that mplayer 1.0 won't compile no matter how much I hack it, so I am forced to use .92. No biggie.

Anyway.. if you want a powerful distro to use out of the box - go with SuSE 9.

That is all, have a great evening.

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