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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

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External HD
I am looking for external hard drive for my laptop since I am running out of room quickly. The laptop has a firewire port and USB 1.
Do these drives run well in Linux? If I get an USB 2 drive will it run at acceptable speeds on an USB 1 port? Finally will I be able to install programs and run them off the external HD athe USB 1 speed?
I would prefer an USB drive mainly because I could use it much more easily at work (most computers there do no have firewire ports).
Finally any recommendations on brands/models would be appreciated.


Current Mood: curious
Linux penguin goes further than most

Disclaimer:Sorry this is a little bit off topic. I was just having a laugh, If anyone wants me to delete this then I will. No offence taken.

Current Mood: guilty

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