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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

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Making A Kernel
I am decent at using Linux. I have heard a lot about how building your own Kernel (with only what you need in it) can equate a faster system. I have never done this before and have no idea where to start.

I would like to build the new 2.6.1 kernel into my Slackware 9.1 distro. I know I have to download the full source file, and do a "make menuconfig".

How am I supposed to know what I need and what I don't need? Sorry, I am very new at this, if anyone would be privvy to walking me (via AIM) through the "configuration" process would be much appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: Sry, I should mention I am using this guide to recompile the kernel. It's just the "configuration" stage that I am confused on.

EDIT II: Big thanks to alien88. My kernel is now configured. Thanks to all who offered to help.
File Sharing
Hey... what would yous guys recommend for a P2P application? I've been running Kazaa-lite through Wine. It works, but man... the machine is a dog while it's running. Anything better out there that'll run natively under Linux? Along the same lines, anyone hear anything about Overnet/E-Donkey?

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USB hardware on the fritz
I have an Iomega Zip 250 USB and a SanDisk ImageMate CF (model SDDR-91) CompactFlash card reader attached to my computer running Mandrake 9.2 and Windows XP Pro. Naturally they work fine in Windows, but they're causing all sorts of trouble in Linux. The Zip drive can't decide whether it wants to be /dev/sda4 or /dev/sdb4, so it'll go from one to the other every two or three boots. (It's actually rather hard to predict.) And the CF reader--forget about it. Sometimes it'll be detected as /dev/sda, but then it thinks it's a hard drive, not a removable drive. Can't actually mount anything with it, apparently.

On top of all this, my DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives (both internal, IDE, on the secondary channel) switch places every now and again. Sometimes the DVD-ROM is /dev/cdrom and the CD-RW /dev/cdrom1, other times the CD-RW is /dev/cdrom and the DVD-ROM /dev/cdrom1. Or if my system is having a really bad day, one of these drives will suddenly become /dev/scd0 (and the other /dev/cdrom, or perhaps even /dev/hdd!).

Really, I want my system to pick a configuration and stick with it. (Editing /etc/fstab every session gets old fast.) I really don't need either the Zip drive or the CF reader while running Linux, so is there any way I can disable the devices without unplugging them? And will disabling these drives help alleviate the perhaps related CD drive problems?

(FYI: I used to run Fedora Core 1, and this also happened a lot there.)

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