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Saturday, January 24th, 2004

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Two questions which are stumping me tonight:

(1) How do I get sound to come out of my USB speakers instead of internal audio? I plugged my Apple USB Speakers into my Linux laptop, and 'lsusb' sees the speakers, but I can't find anyplace to tell Linux to actually *use* 'em. This is SuSE Linux 9.0, by the way, playing sound through Alsa.

(2) Somewhere along the way, my bootloader (Grub) stopped displaying a pretty graphic splash screen during boot, and instead now it shows a black/white text screen with the boot messages scrolling by. I'm thinking that some package I upgraded might have taken away the splash screen graphic it was using. What config file tells Grub which splash screen graphic file to use?
Hi. My ISP is Megapath and I am having a problem with my Speedstream 5851 router. They said I could provide my own router and said Speedstream 5851 was one of the acceptable models, however now when I try to connect to my service they tell me the router I have will not work. I have a Speedstream 120-5851-005 and they say this model is not compatible and I need to get a 120-5851-012. I have a 1 year contract with this ISP and they are not considering this a valid reason for me to terminate the contract.

Basically I told them they said "Speedstream 5851" will work, so that is what I bought and now they claim that I need a specific kind of 5851. So, is there any way I can connect using this router? It seems the 120-5851-012 routers are much more expensive and hard to find.

I was told all I need to change the router is an ASIC file for the 012 version. Anyone know where to find these?
bogus scam email I got disguised as spam. Actually yahoo spam filter caught it and put it in my spam box. But I was shocked. Damn they make this shit look pretty authentic. I thought the @ sign in a URL was for a username for http. How does this work? Is it a bug in explorer or does it work on any browser?Collapse )
Email woes
Ok. I'm tired of Pine. I need a graphical POP3 client that supports multiple Email accounts is a decent way. I'm looking for something pretty significantly customizable (position of signature, different signatures between accounts and types of email - reply, forward, read read receipt). Email templates, sophisticated address-books, unique to each Email account.Something that handles separate accounts properly - that is to say keep completely different profiles for each account, along with settings, configurations and a whole separate directory structure for mail folders. So far I've tried


All of these have failed my basic requirements ignominiously. When cursed to work on a Windows machine, I use The Bat! - which is the greatest Email client I've ever tried. Unfortunately, nothing I do seems to let me run it under Linux. It crashes Wine horribly, and even with addition of Kylix libraries, as someone recommended, things still go to hell in a hand-basket.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Power down?
Okay, I'm hoping to get a better answer this time, partly by asking the question more descriptively. Can someone point me to a utility that will support these needs:

The system I own, which was purchased in late 1998, had a feature (under Windows) that allowed me to hold the power down for one second to "sleep" and five seconds to "shut down". I'd like to support something similar under Linux with a variation: I'd like to logout in response to a one second hold and shutdown after the five second hold.

Any suggestions? I'd like a simpleutility, but if I have to dive into internals, could someone at least point me to the modules at which I should be looking?


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suse linux 9.0
I was having this problem :

The attempt to install a virtual machine with VMware version 4.x or newer in SUSE LINUX 9.0 results in a kernel "oops".

The modules compiled when executing the vmware.config.pl script do not work with the current kernel.

Do not overwrite the modules vmnet.o and vmmon.o, which are usually overwritten when executing the vmware-config.pl script. To do this, simply answer the corresponding question with 'no'. In this way, the appropriate modules will be used for the kernel.
If the modules have already been overwritten, you can restore them by reinstalling the installed kernel. For this purpose, start YaST2 and select Software, Install/Remove Software, Search.

Now search for the keyword k_. The result is a list of all available kernels (k_deflt or k_athlon in normal cases).
Click with the right mouse button on the kernel entry listed with an arrow.
Select the option "Update" from the list. By doing this, the suitable modules will be installed.

The thing is im still having the problem. It didnt seem to work. Any ideas as to why?
Desktop icons in GNOME
Just installed a fresh copy of Mandrake 9.2 on my system, and it's running fine. But being shades of obsessive-compulsive, I really want to change the names of the mounted device icons on my desktop, which currently read: "CD-ROM, CD-ROM (2), windata, zip," etc. Problem is, GNOME/Nautilus won't let me, not even as root! And I can't seem to find any corresponding preference entry in the GUI or in GConf.

If all else fails, I'd like to get rid of them altogether. Yeah, I can't seem to find any easy way to do that either.

Thanks in advance!

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