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Friday, January 23rd, 2004

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playing videos in mozilla
My home desktop is running RH9 with the installed mozilla that came with it. I installed mplayer this evening, so now it is able to play movies. The problem being that it won't just play a movie file once, it keeps playing it over and over.

in edit-preferences-privacy-images I've got animated images should loop set to once.

I've had other incarnations play the mpegs etc. in separate windows, and they've only played them once. I can't figure out how to get this to happen.
Libranet releases update-safe archive
Libranet released a new archive for their distribution containing such goodies like:

KDE 3.1.5
OpenOffice 1.1
Mozilla 1.5

You can upgrade if you're using 2.8 or 2.8. Full text of the announcement is at:



Lindows 4.5 Developer Edition is free with a coupon.

I have never tried out Lindows, so I am trying it now. I thought I'd let you all know.
Question 1, day 2.

I have downloaded Fedora, and its acting weird. I can mount the cd on other systems and it seems fine. But when I try to get the VA Linux systems to boot off of the cdroms it freezes trying to load the scsi driver (aic7xxx (the scsi card is aic7896)). The really weird thing is, I try to do a media check, which just needs to look at the ATAPI/IDE cdrom, it still tries to load the scsis driver and freezes.

If I boot it from cd with hardware probing disabled I can do a media test and it says the media is fine. Is there a known problem with the scsi driver?

Java reccomendations
The project that I'm working on is going to have a rather aggressive
schedule, and wil involve a GUI on Linux. As I've never done a GUI,
but have heard that Java has become a real language, I'm nominally
planning on doing the software in Java. As of yet, I've not written a
line of Java, but from what I've read it doesn't seem too difficult to
learn if you already know C.

One of the other engineers is concerned with being able to learn
everything in time to meet a rather aggressive schedule, and has asked
me about Jave IDE's. I know that there are several out there, but I'm
afraid that the closest I've come to using an IDE lately is running
make from within emacs.

If you have any reccomendations for IDEs to use (or avoid) I'd greatly
appreciate the benefit of your experience.

For learning Java, I've been reading O'Reilly's Java in a nutshell and
bought the 3 book tutorial from Sun. Again, reccomendations, or
warnings are appreciated.
A quick "thanks"
I just wanted to drop in a quick "thanks" to everyone who responded to my recent post about server capacity. The P4 server I mentioned replaced a Cobalt RaQ, and since I've only had the P4 for two weeks I'm still used to thinking about everything in terms of the RaQ (read: cheap, but not a lot of horsepower).

My question was prompted because I mirror a fairly popular Linux project (Knoppix-std for anyone who wants to know), and a new iso was released this morning. I wanted to make sure the new server wasn't going to go down in flames the first day of the release, since the RaQ got slow at times while people downloaded. But obviously, from reading your posts, bandwidth usage (I need to keep it under a thousand gigs a month) is going to easily be a bigger concern than impact on the server.
USB Wireless Card
I was just curious if any of the USB Wireless cards work well with Linux. My notebook does not have a PCMCIA slot so if I want wireless I need to go USB.

PS: it does not matter whether it is a b or g card.

Thanks for any suggestions.
More Java bullshit
Can you no longer download JRE by itself? Everything seems to be pointing me to an SDK. All I really need is a JRE to use Open Office 1.1. I had a copy for Windows lying around at the office, so I had no problems there. Trying to find one for any platform, let alone Linux, seems to be nigh on impossible. Does anyone know of, or by chance have a copy? I don't want to install the whole damn SDK.

Current Mood: frustrated
Shopping for a distribution
Hey all. I've dabbled a bit in Linux (mostly Trustix at work, with a little Red Hat and Knoppix thrown in), but I'd still classify myself as a n00b. In any case, here's the deal...

Here's what I've got set up at the moment:
1) A Windows XP workstation
2) Apache web server
3) MySQL
4) PHP
5) Bulletproof FTP server
6) Subdomain from No-IP

Because of restrictions involved in my ISP's stupid little "residential" package, I'm stuck having to use a different port for my web server.

What I want to do is this:
1) Set up an actual server box apart from my workstation (possibly this little number).
2) Upgrade my internet package to Commercial, in which I get a completely static IP with all ports unblocked.
3) Purchase a domain name and direct it to that static IP.
4) Install a select distribution of Linux.

That last one is where you guys come in. This server won't be used for a whole lot, at least not at first. It's mostly going to be a play machine, possibly to set up a little web chat community.

Here's what this system will need to do:
1) Play fairly well with Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
2) Included/integrated FTP server and/or Sendmail server would be a plus.
3) Future installation of Perl would be a nice option.
4) Having a desktop environment would be very helpful.

Being that I'm a college student and have a wife and child to support, cost is a big thing. Enough money would have to be spent upgrading my internet package and purchasing the server and domain name, so I'd prefer the OS not cost me anything.

So... any suggestions on a distribution that might meet the needs of this n00b?

(Cross-posted to linuxnewbies)

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