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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

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Tiny CC and uClibC
Does anyone have a working system with uclibc and Tiny CC. Or any tips on how to build one and what to watch out for. I need an alternative to freesco and am sitting around trying to fit in uclibc busybox and linux-2.4.23 onto a single floppy any help will be appreciated.

Current Mood: crazy
Fearless leader.

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Explain to a newbie the difference between /dev and /mnt.
Linux users in Portland, Oregon area?
I know that some of you are from the Portland, Oregon area... check out PDXLUG.

The "not for profit" linux user group in Portland, Oregon.

You can join the mailing list here:
Changing UID and GID
One quickie... how can I change my User ID and Group ID in Mandrake 9.1? I have my username already made, I just meant to put a different UID and GID.

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