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Saturday, January 17th, 2004

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CLI newsreader that CAN post attachments
I switched from pan to tin and couldn't be happier--except, I still can't post attachments.

Is there a client that I can use that will allow me to do this? I've been searching for information on slrn, but it seems , also, not to be able to send attachments.

Is there a way around this? Is there a client that will do this?

I'd rather stick with tin, if possible, it handles threads very well.
I am at PDXLAN right now. Earlier this evening, Nvidia was on the stage giving a presentation and answering questions about their cards. I asked the dude why they haven't open sourced their linux drivers yet, and he sat their studdering without an answer, and then gave me an FX5950 Ultra 256MB video card, a laptop backpack, a tshirt, and a visor to shut me up :D
Hey. I'm new to this community. I work for a WISP, and we are using NAT for all our customers. Our head tech who installed a cisco 4500 router, a pix firewall, and a 5000 catalyst switch, has just left(did not give any notice, have not heard from him since). It was pretty much him and myself running the whole network. I dont have a lot of cisco experience and i would like to get rid of all(old and used, have been buggy) of it and just have a linux box for routing/firewall, email(postfix), and apache. I also need to setup a backup plan because there is nothing in use at the moment. I heard rsync does replication so I think that will work. The only thing I need to figure out how to do is assign static public ip's, to internal ip's. There are a few customers that want outside addresses.

I would appreciate any advice on how to setup everything as simple as possible. The owner is a good friend's dad, and he is starting up this WISP but has no computer knowledge.(phone guy) I will be leaving next fall to go to school and they want a setup that will be redundant so by the time i leave they should be able to backup the server no problem. It is hard to find qualified techs around here, and I am afraid when I leave they wont be able to run everything.


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