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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

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General IT question
I'm looking for a different kind of advice than most the posts I've read here. I'm currently a Sophomore at a college that I seem to no longer be able to pay for. I was working on a MS in Computer Engineering. Which is good stuff and all, but I've been trying to stay open to other options. I know some of you have IT positions, what's the best road for me to take to get there? And I know a lot of you will just say 'get your degree.' That's not so easy for me right now, I owe my school a some money, around 5k. (that's just the school, I have a ton of loans) Anyway, they won't let me go back, or give me my transcripts until I find a way to pay for it. So that's why I thought to start looking elsewhere. This is what I came up with the other night: go and pick up my A+, which I could prolly do in my sleep. Then get a cake job at somewhere like BestBuy. Work there and pick up some more certificates, Network+, Security+, Linux+. Then try and look for an entry lvl IT job. While I'm there I'd work on picking up some of the RedHat certs. This way, I'd slowly be building experience while getting certs to prove I know what I'm doing. This all sounds good to me, but I don't really know much about how the IT world works. And that's why I came to you guys. I'd appreciate any thoughts, or anything that you've done along the way, or as an employer yourself, what you look for when hiring for an IT position. I'm not looking to run out and be an IT pro in 5 years, but I'm just considering that track.
Thanks in advance,

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