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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

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"Tivo" for radio?
Is there a combination of an affordable radio card and open-source software that would allow me to record radio shows on my computer while I'm not present?

Affordable means as cheap as possible, but no more than $100 in any case. Multiple tuners are not necessary (not that they wouldn't be nice).
nothing major - IM clients
anyone know of an IM client ( besides Gaim or Kopete, which dont allow ) that allows for nested directories in your contact list?

its been driving me nuts for a very long time...

Current Mood: hopeful
Digital Radio?
Is there DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) support in Linux? which cards are supported and does anyone have any experience with them?

Thanks in advance,


Current Mood: confused
For years I have been using nfsv3 server on freebsd and it's always been fast and very reliable. My nfs server I have switched to linux to have a slave mythv-backend box.
I am using kernel 2.6.1 (due to the fact 2.6+ is the only kernel that supports wintv-d cards) and nfs SUCKS.

From my /etc/exports

/usr ahze(rw,sync,no_root_squash)


When I use 'sync` nfs is slow as hell (less then 300KBps on linux but with freebsd I was getting 13MBps), when I do 'async' nfs is fast then slow then fast again, etc etc (speeds range from 400KBps to 8MBps), pdflush lags the entire system also when I use 'async'. Anything I can do to make it fast and not lag the entire system? Or is this just some problem in 2.6.1?

update: I tried the latest -mm patch with the same .config and it works great now, I looked through the ChangeLogs and I see nothing why this would happen.. *shrugs*

call it a glitch in the system or whatever, but i know nothing about newsgroups - i just missed the boat on that one i guess. can someone explain what newsgroups are and how to use them? is it like a listserv?


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