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Monday, January 12th, 2004

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attention linux/open source developers
The editors of LinuxWorld Magazine are conducting interviews for our internet radio broadcast from LinuxWorld Expo in New York next week.

If you contribute to the kernel or to other open source projects, are going to be at the LinuxWorld Expo in New York City next week, and might like to be interviewed please let me know.
Um... question to help out a friend in LJ...

are there such things as "open DNS"'s ...

can you point your IP configuration to the DNS server that I use and expect it to just work? Or do you have to be on some kind of a subnet or approved...

I have my own dns server running on my web host (Linux server in the basement) but when it's wonky I point to the DNS server that my ISP provides.

Now a friend is having a problem resolving things on the net ... totally unrelated to my host or my ISP.
Can I tell that person to point to my ISP's DNS or to my DNS and expect it to work for them?
WEBCAM for Linux

I'd like to purchase a WEBCAM for use under Linux. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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