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Saturday, January 10th, 2004

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i need a little help: i'm running linux (fedora core 1), and the network at my house is windows... i'd like to be able to fileshare, and use a printer that is connected to a machine with xp home on it, but i'm not sure how to go about it in linux. i am sorta new to linux, i am really good at most things, but networking is my weakness...

any ideas?
thanks in advance.

Debian doesn't like my keyboard(s)
tried to install a recently-downloaded copy of Debian (3.0r2) on my laptop (a Compaq Presario 2190US) today. I was able to type in that i wanted a bf24 system at the rescue-disk screen, but when it got to the 'Choose a language' screen, i couldn't move the cursor. Neither the keyboard built into my laptop nor an external I plugged in did anything. . . .

Tried restarting a couple times, tried using the extra option to tell it what kind of keyboard it was, but it still didn't take. anyone got any other suggestions?

Current Mood: perplexed

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