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Friday, January 9th, 2004

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quick question:

i have a box with two NICs (eth0 and eth1) with a fresh (minimal) installation of Mandrake 9.2. i didn't configure the cards during installation (for whatever dumb reason). i now need to, and don't know how.

one interface (eth0) needs to be configured via dhcp (using dhcpcd, *not* pump) and the other configured to have a static IP. i'm intending to set the box up as a router for my home network.

typing "ifup eth0" or "ifup eth1" yields the same "no configuration found" error message (or something similar), but typing "ifconfig -a" shows both interfaces (in addition to the local loopback).

in addition, i cannot ping the local loopback address (

this all makes sense to me, because i never configured the network...however i need to know how to do it now. i know (or at least think) i have to do something with /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, but need to know what to put in what file, etc.

it might be noted that i am not using X, and as such none of the available GUI config tools will be useful...

i consider myself very good with computers but have not had a lot of experience doing this type of stuff in linux. any help is appreciated.
Printing problems
I'm getting a Cannon bjc printer set up on an Debian stable server: I went through the CUPS configuration and installed it without a hitch, but have run into a problem when I go to print something from it. Everything seems to be stretched, like as if it's expecting a wider page: the test page prints the corrrect height, but width wise, the image trails off the right hand side of the page, and the image is stretched.

Anyone run into this before?

Current Mood: tired
More on the Canon BJC
So I just checked out my Mandrake printer configuration, and it's configured as:

Canon BJC-6100, Foomatic + gimp-print

And on my debian machine, it's configured as

CANON BJC 6100, CUPS+Gimp-Print v4.2.5

I have foomatic installed on my Debian machine: does anyone know how I'd add a printer that uses foomatic instead of CUPS?
help me install apache 1.3.29 on fedora!
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