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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

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Knoppix question
I'm just using Knoppix for the first time and when I telnet to another box the user ID of "knoppix" is automatically entered on the other end. Anyone know I could turn this off? I would rather find a perminent solution rather then typing "telnet -l 'someid' somebox". Thanks for any help on this.
Buying a printer
My printer is a POS. Now that I'm unemployed, I don't have access to good printers at work. Also, now that I'm unemployed, I don't have access to a regular paycheck.

My needs are:
Work with Linux
Work with MacOS X

Inexpensive to buy
Cheap to feed
Laser rather than inkjet
Network based (though I could set up a Linux box as a print server)

Nice, but not worth a lot of money:
Print double sided

Any particular reccomendations? Anything to avoid? Any features that I really, really want, but just don't know about yet?
Mozilla problem
I'm currently running Mozilla 1.5-r1 on an x86-based Gentoo system. It had been working fine until a few days ago, when the problem began...

Mozilla seems to keep redrawing the screen, as if the content is changing. This wouldn't be so much of a problem, except it's annoying to look at (the screen flickers up and down a few pixels several times a second), and the CPU is maxed out when Mozilla starts doing this. The problem crops up most of the time, and I haven't had any luck finding what the exceptions are.
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Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Oh, Joy...
I may get to file the serial numbers off and build, from (open) source, an in-house adaptation of dead rat enterpri$e linux for $Job. It's been done by others before (a full build takes about 25 hours!), but ye gods and little fishies, what a PITA! It will add at least a week to my already full project schedule, and I still have to get the in-house clearcase twit administrator to set up my project and all that. What a price for job security - since the sources they release aren't always buildable as they are.

RedHat, why have you gone so expensive that my company can't afford licenses for the 200+ linux boxen in house, plus customers? For what it would cost us, per year, for "subscriptions", they can pay a chunk of my salary! Who do you think you are, RedHat, fscking MicroSoft??

Current Mood: irritated
Bender is great...
I just saw this on an ep of Futurama
Bender: and even though the computer was off an image still appeared on the screen, the scariest image of all. THE WINDOWS LOGO!!!

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