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Saturday, December 28th, 2002

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Weirdness with a FAT32 drive in a Linux box
I've taken an old P133 & tossed in two good-size drives I had lying around (20 & 30GB). It's running RH7.1 (that's all I have disks for). The 30GB drive was originally in a WinXP box, so it's formatted FAT32.

I've been getting weird errors accessing the 30GB drive:
  • I can only access the drive as root
  • Which means I can't ftp into that directory
  • When I move things into it, it gives me this message:
    [root@sherman greg]# mv *.mp3 ../media/
    mv: preserving ownership for `../media/Bill Cosby - 200 M.P.H..mp3': Operation not permitted

    I'm assuming they are all caused by it's being formatted as FAT, not as a Linux.

    Is there anything I can format that drive in so that it is both Win (in case I have to put it into another box) & Linux readable (which is the way it'll be used 99% of the time)?

    Has anyone had problems setting up SAMBA on RH7.1? I'm having a lot of problems getting to the machine from an XP box (I have nothing else to test with), but the XP box is in need of a reformat & reinstall, so that could be the problem, too.
    [I originally planned to back up the XP box to the drive on the Linux box, so that I could reformat the XP box. But what with the problems I've been having with the Linux box, I haven't done it yet!]

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