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Friday, December 27th, 2002

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Nifty little app...
Some of you may know about this, many of you may not...but now you will...

I, like many other people out there, run Linux on my laptop (for the record, it's Libranet GNU/Linux 2.7).
However, I use my laptop as a testbed for my desktop...and as such, many times I will bork things up and have to spend the inordinately large amount of time re-updating my laptop to Debian Sarge as opposed to Woody that Libranet 2.7 runs on by default.

As I'm a poor little bugger, I can't afford a copy of Ghost Professional to allow me to dump a hard drive image to make restore disks on...plus, my desktop is running Linux, so that makes running the Ghostcast Server to catch the image dump even harder...

But, after a good bit of searching and poking and prodding, I stumbled across mkCDrec. It's a "simple" little script that was exceedingly easy for me to configure to do a gzipped dump of my laptop's hard drive over NFS to my desktop...it bundles the tarballs into files that, while not named .iso (much to XCDRoast's dismay), are ISO files.
In addition, CD #1 is a bootable CD.
So, after a few hours that it took to run on my poor little PII-266 laptop, I now have a 4-CD set of restore disks.
It takes a little longer to restore than Ghost would...but, it's free (as in beer and speech) and, IMHO, a little easier.

...and with the holidays having just passed, there's probably a few of you out there with nifty new portables...and you can now make custom-tailored restore CDs...

Current Mood: geeky

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