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Thursday, December 26th, 2002

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stupid, stupid me
i'm starting to get a hang of this linux thang now, and, rather arrogantly confident of my abilities, i tried to write a script to automagically grab files from a smartmedia reader and copy and delete the files from the card. it did exactly what i asked, except.... one little typo and i managed to rm -rf my / directory. i hit ctrl-c in a panic before i nuked my /home dirs, but the damage was already done to /bin, /usr, etc. so i sucked it up and reinstalled redhat (don't tell me if there's another way to fix it, it's too late, that'll just make me cry to know i could've saved everything without a reinstall) and am starting to rebuild everything. however, one question --

when i reinstalled, i added the same users as before. however, since the directories already exist, when i try to log into X, it gives me errors about being unable to write to to some xml files in the user's .gconf directory and whatnot. is it safe to delete this directory/files so that X can rebuild them (if that's how it works)? in other words, how do i create a user for a home dir that already has all of the user's settings (bookmarks, application settings, the whole gamut)? thanks.
I do a lot DV editing. I was thinking of installing mandrake and using cinelerra rather than iMovie on my mac. After I get things sorted out and running smoothly there I was thinking of using demoLinux and some old 486's or something I have lieing around to create a sort of ... make shift 'render-farm' to speed things up a bit. Any one have any experience with any of this?

To rip & stuff a CD I use cdparanoia & then lame encoder, while I have to type the titles/artists on my own. So I wonder, is there a good (betta GUI) CD ripper that can convert to mp3 at once & can look up the disk either at a local CDDB or (even betta) at freedb.org?

& the 2nd thing... what can convert .wma to .mp3?

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