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Sunday, December 8th, 2002

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I've got no rhythm
I'm running Rhythmbox from Debian unstable. However, it appears that certain MP3s on my computer cause it to crash for some unknown reason. I say unknown, because the following do not seem to have any effect:

-ID3 tag, filename, encoder: files from a series of similarly named/tagged files will crash Rhythmbox despite other similar files not doing a thing (e.g. 01-title.mp3 works fine, but 06-title.mp3 doesn't). Also, special characters in the filename don't seem to make a different.

-Location's not important either. Files crash the program from both a mounted Windows partition and home directory. The only quirk there is that I don't think anything that was never in a Windows partition has crashed Rhythmbox.

-The problem seems limited to MP3 files, and exclusive to ones made by people other than me.

-All of the files work perfectly fine on XMMS.

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If you have Rhythmbox, I've put some of the files that cause it to crash here.
Can anyone think of why Mandrake 9.0 might be having trouble recognising my PS2 optical mouse? It's just a bog-standard, PS2 port, optical scroll mouse (made by Labtec), on a laptop. I really didn't think it would be a problem. Yet it's caused more trouble than anything else at all. I need to unplug and plug it, the wheel mouse drivers cause it to behave completely irrationally and screw up my desktop, and I'm convinced it was responsible for the complete buggering of my filesystem (not quite sure what happened, but there was no booting nohow).

Could the fact that there's a touchpad as well be confusing the hardware wizard?

The mouse works fine under XP, and even the BIOS config util recognises it without problems.

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