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Friday, December 6th, 2002

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Printing Out
xmass is commin' (hope you've noticed it) thus I'm willin'  to buy a new shiny inkjet printer to myself : )
currently I'm thinking which to choose...
In the near future, I'm sure to buy a digital camera, so the printer is to be quite capable of good photo printing.
Besides that I need...
Linux fully supported
Not much, heh... : )

So I wonder, what'd you recomend?!

Current Mood: awake
I've read on the ALSA project pages about the "Untested, but possibly working" status of the Midiman USB keystations.
I am the proud owner of one of these toys...and love playing with it (the Oxygen 8, for those potentially curious)...
...however, I was having trouble getting ALSA to run on my install of Debian...
...and before I tried again, I was wondering if anyone out there either (a) has or (b) knows someone who has gotten one of these USB Midi controllers working under Linux...
...at the moment, I'm passing the USB port into VMWare and using some of my Windows Apps to use my MIDI controller...but I feel so dirty doing it, and would much rather find a nice Synth app for Linux and get drivers jiving with my controller to write music...

...any ideas?
Has anyone noticed???
We all know, by now, that Redhat 8.0 includes XMMS with MP3 support removed.

We all know that there's an mp3 plugin available.

Has anyone noticed a strange effect on the X when XMMS is run after the plugin is installed? Specifically:

1) open a Gnome terminal
2) open XMMS
3) do something in the terminal, I "ls -l" a long directory.
4) Here, the listing appears to "split screen"... messing up the terminal, but only terminals owned by the user starting XMMS)
5) there are similar effects with other programs. Screen sections aren't redrawn and so on.

Has anyonelse noticed this effect? Does this affect anyone without mpeg support installed? This all strikes me as passing strange.

NOTE: I'm not looking to SOLVE the problem. I just want to know if it AFFECTS anyonelse?


Current Mood: puzzled
Since Everyone Is posting there XMMS problems...
Ive been using XMMS with the plugin happlies no problems but one... The problem is that every once in awhile it will say
Couldnt open audio

"Please check that:
1. You have the correct output plugin selected
2. No other programs is blocking the soundcard
3. Your soundcard is configured properly"

But then when I hit the play button it plays fine. This sux when your busy and have your playlist going then this comes up. :\

Current Mood: annoyed
How can I start up my X server on port 6002
rather than port 6000 ?

What man page would that be ?

Thks !

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