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Sunday, December 1st, 2002

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Thanks for the help!

(sorry for the cross post)

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New project...
So I've been working on a new project for a little while. Like, 2 days.

We had a few Compaq (Digital) AlphaServers at work that we weren't using, as we run all Intel(Linux) and Sun(Solaris). They had just been sitting around for the last few months, so I petitioned my boss to let them "go home" with people who wanted them, as they had zero value to the company anymore. He finally acquiesced, and I became the shiny new owner of a Compaq AlphaServer DS20.

My intent with this box is to replace sprawl.net, which is currently my old home workstation. sprawl.net is (right now) an Athlon 1.33ghz machine, 256mb memory, nothing special. But it has my nice video card, my sound card, even a Fireware card. So I want it back home, just so I can have a machine at home again.

Specs of the new box:

-2 500mhz EV6 Alpha processors
-4mb cache per CPU
-4gb ECC RAM
-1 9.1gb SCSI-3 disk (system)
-1 60 gb UDMA/IDE disk (users)
-2 10/100 network interfaces
-1 Symbios 53c8xx SCSI controller (3 channels)
-1 Qlogic SCSI controller (2 channels)
-2 Adaptec AIC-7895 SCSI controllers (1 channel each, onboard)
-1 Elsa GLoria Synergy 8mb graphics card (3Dlabs Permedia 2 chipset)

Its a killer box. It flat out screams.

Its going to be running Red Hat 7.2 for Alpha, which isn't exactly an easy thing to install on this architecture. Got it installed today, after much mucking around with the SRM BIOS, and the oddities of how Alphas boot.

Currently, she's sitting in the office. Once I'm done with all the big work, I'm going to bring her home for a few days, and install Qmail and all needed applications onto it, in preparation for the migration. Compliling stuff is going to rock.

So anyways, I've included some pictures.

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Current Mood: satisfied

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