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Saturday, November 30th, 2002

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I'm close to getting my webhosting project going. If you need a website, I am letting people setup as 'beta' testers for free. So you'll get a year of service for free, and free forever if you just put my site as a link on your front page.
Email me at ruderod@yahoo.com
If you don't have a domain name you can also get one at my site, http://www.networksetup.com

Here is my equipment I am using so far

1.5 gigahertz pentium 4, 80 gig drive, Mandrake Linux (for web sites, name server)
Older Pentium II, 4 gig drive Mandrake Linux (second name server)
Pentium 4, 80 gig drive Win 2000 for some windows hosting stuff.
T1 line connecting them all.
Can someone please send me some screenshots of Linux?

Email: OurMiseryGirl@aol.com


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