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Thursday, November 28th, 2002

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Internet Connection Sharing Dillemas

Ok so this is my first time posting on this forum. Hope someone might be able to help me.

My Setup:

I have an older system that I just installed Madrake 9.0 on. I'm using this system as a firewall and so I can telnet/ssh to it from the outside world.

I have a new system that I have Win2K Pro on. I need to have this main system running Windows for work (funny how we all make excuses for this).

So I have the linux system installed and up and running. I'm using it to write this so it's obviously connected. I have 2 NIC's in it. The second NIC connects to the Windows box.

I was told the easiest way to share the internet connection is with Connection Sharing. So I ran through this and it set everything else up. My Windows machine gets a DHCP address of When I attempt to ping yahoo it will resolve it to an IP, but I get a Request Timed out.

I think the problem may be a problem with my ISP. Work pays for my ISP so I had to go with MSN through Qwest. They give me an IP of with the gateway of

Is this a problem? Anyone seen this problem before?

I'm hoping that it's something simple that I just forgot in my first attempt at networking here.

Current Mood: distressed

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