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Wednesday, November 27th, 2002

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Okay, I was finally able to obtain a copy of RedHat Linux 8.0

I started to install it, and when I got to the screen where it asked about partitioning, I chose "Automatically Partition" and "Use Free Disk Space" (something like that). I got an error message and tried using Disk Druid.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone who has installed RedHat Linux 8.0 recently could tell me what they did, because I'm pretty lost.
Galeon crashing
Galeon (a GTK+ browser based on Mozilla) has been crashing for me a lot lately. I get segmentation faults frequently when I try to open files that require external programs (such as .pdf or .ps files). When I open those files directly from Galeon, Galeon crashes and the external program opens properly. Galeon also randomly segfaults on program exit.

I'm using Galeon 1.2.5, with Debian stable and Windowmaker. The same problem happens in Debian testing with Gnome and Sawfish, though.

Before I submit a bug report to either Debian or the Galeon team, I want to hear if anyone else is having this problem (and on what distribution, with what Galeon version). Please tell me if you use Galeon and if you're having any trouble with it. Thanks a lot!
Okay, I managed to dual boot my computer, and now I have RedHat Linux running on one partition and WinXP on another.

My big question now is how do I get online in Linux?
Scripting a program to autostart at boot?
Quickie question, I've got Seti@Home running on Yellow Dog Linux 2.3, fine and dandy, but I'd really like to get it to run in the background whenever I boot the machine automatically. Additionally, I usually log in via SSH instead of locally, so of course, when I log in via SSH, start the program and then log out of SSH, it shuts down the program too.

Any thoughts?

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