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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

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Log hell
I had a particular user on my server request his files over 4000 times, due to an error in an symlink.
These requests thus wrote themeselves about 4000 times in my Apache access_log, and filled up the 10meg
temp qutoa I keep for logs. I bumped up the quota to 20megs of all log files before they are rotated, however,
access_log refuses to allow requests to write to it currently.

I have a special user named web who owns all log files, and has a quota of 20megs to keep things simple. Telling
you this as extra info - extra info may help?

Anyone have any knowledge of an occurance like this? Perhaps one of the security modules I installed in Apache is causing the denial? I really have no idea at this point.
New xml file
Created a cron job to send newly created xml file to ftp server. So... here is the link that is static. Email me for source code.

Current Mood: geeky
If anyone is interested in ordering a copy of Xandros Desktop from their site, use this code when you check out:


it gives you $44.55 off of the $99 retail price

from my invoice:
1 x Xandros Desktop = US$99.00
Sub-Total: US$99.00
Discount Coupon: US$44.55
Shipping to US: US$0.00
Tax: US$0.00
Total: US$54.45


(Hi, I'm new here. From Mac to Windows to Linux, I'm excited)
Real source
Sorry. I wasn't thinking and forgot that livejournal reads html code so heres an offsite link to the source.

Need LiveJournal perl module. Can someone post the link? I lost it.

Ignore comments. They were for debugging purposes, was too lazy to take them out.

Update: URL to perl module

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