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Monday, November 18th, 2002

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I hate cmu coders. oh yes. yes I do.
apparently the cs department at this school is some kind of spawning ground for prima donna coders that do not document their code.

I think the concepts for their open source software is great. not documenting anything at all and then being huge cocks on your mailing lists when asked straightforward questions.. well..

I hate you all.

feel free to agree now
Linux won't load, ahhhh!!! (YDL question.)
A bit of background: Yesterday I decided to repartition my MacOS drive to separate 9 and X, thinking, it makes sense that I could just reboot into Linux later and reconfigure yaboot to recognize both partitions, right?

The problem being, I can't even get Linux to boot anymore all of a sudden. I have YDL 2.3 installed on my master ATA drive, MacOS(es) installed on two partitions on my slave ATA drive. It seems bizarre that redoing one drive affects stuff on the other drive, but it seems that is what happened.

So here's the error message the second-stage bootstrap spit out at me:
/pci@f20000000/mac-io@17/ata-4@1f0000/disk@0:12,/boot/vmlinux: Unknown or corrupt filesystem.

I booted from the install disk and reconfigured my bootloader, just to be sure it's pointing at the right partitions....it boots OS 9 and OS X great, but not Linux! (I'm just a little panicky because I have Fortran hw due tomorrow, and that's where my compiler is!) If it's any help, I'm running kernel 2.4.19-4a (IIRC, I can't even boot it up to check exactly what version I have!)

Thanks for any help anyone has!

Current Mood: panicky

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