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Saturday, November 16th, 2002

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volunteers for green ISP
I am looking for someone to help run a green ISP, meaning it's not for profit. Non profit organizations can host their website with me for free, and I am going to have paid hosting for others. I have a few techniques for getting the 'green' message out. If you would like to help, let me know at ruderod@yahoo.com. I just started the site, it is http://www.networksetup.com. I have not setup a non-profit organization yet but I think I will, once I get it going. I have a T1 line and i'm almost ready to start hosting sites, but I need help to get it going. I can pay you but not much, mostly volunteer right now. I'm looking for anyone really. .if you know web design or graphics, linux or programming that would be great as well.

What do you you get? some experience with webhosting, linux and some other things (free hosting for you, shell account, etc) plus it will be for a good cause - the promotion of green party, green ideas and other green websites. I am even thinking of eventually running the computers using wind power/solar power!
Also if you are a programmer I need some help with a few things. I am working on a webmin modules (http://www.webmin.com) that will be open source for any website to use. This will help keep the costs down and allow easy setup of websites, mail accounts and all that.
If you have any commments please post.
Thank you.

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