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Friday, November 15th, 2002

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(cross posted to linux and linuxnewbies)
I had Mandrake installed, and was getting along fine with it, but wanted something that would make me get a little more into the guts of Linux.
So I install Debian Woody Stable.
Got through the fabled 'impossible' install with no issues.
Now I can't for the life of me get X-windows to start, it's giving me some error about having no display settings defined. Next problem, I can't find the freakin config file. It told me it should be in /var/something/etc/X11etc...
Should I be looking in /etc instead?
Anyone out there have lots of experience with debian and wanna help me?

Current Mood: conflustered
PDAs & handhelds
Out of interest, does anyone have experience of using a PDA or handheld in conjunction with Linux? Are there ever compatibility problems? I see there's a bunch of utils out there to interface with Palms.

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